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Police lampUPDATED: Police on the Isle of Wight were last night (Tuesday) called to a veterinary surgery in Newport after a dog was allegedly shot by a farmer.

Several units arrived at Green and Forster vets on Carisbrooke Road at around 21:20 after a dog was taken in for treatment for gun shot wounds, believed to have been sustained earlier in the evening.

Island Echo understands the dog had allegedly been shot by a local farmer, who believed the animal was responsible for the deaths of several sheep in the Gunville area in recent weeks.

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It is legal in this country for farmers under Section 9 of the Animals Act 1971 to shoot any dog if they believe it is the only reasonable way of stopping it worrying livestock – however Police were called in last night to ensure that the shooting was lawful.

It is understood the dog has survived, but the extent of its injuries is unknown.

UPDATE THURSDAY @ 08:45: Further information has come to light about the incident, which has confirmed that a second dog was also shot but unfortunately died as a result of its injuries.

Police have concluded that the issue is a civil matter and will not be taking any action against the farmer, who has had several sheep have been killed or injured in recent weeks.

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