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andrewturnercommonsAndrew Turner has accused some people of ‘playing politics’ in suggesting that Prime Minister David Cameron MP was badly weakened when the House of Commons voted against launching missile strikes against Syria. 

The Island’s MP was one of 30 Conservative MPs who voted against the Government motion, which included calls for a strong humanitarian response to the use of chemical weapons in Damascus to include military action if necessary.  The motion was defeated by 285 to 272 votes; a majority of thirteen.

Speaking about the vote, Mr Turner said:

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“It is thoroughly distasteful to see a number of politicians and commentators trying to present this as some sort of victory for other political parties.

“I have absolutely no doubt that the Prime Minister believed sincerely that military intervention would have been the best way forward; but he was also aware there was deep disquiet on the back-benches.  He could have acted without recalling Parliament, but instead the motion was worded to try to unite MPs and he decided to seek support for that position.  Unlike Tony Blair, he did not use ‘dodgy dossiers’ to claim things that were untrue.  The Prime Minister said in advance that he would accept the will of the elected House of Commons, he said that MPs had to use their judgement, and immediately the motion was lost he accepted defeat with dignity and grace.  Those trying to score cheap political points from one of the most serious situations this country has faced for years are not acting with such honour.

“Those who are claiming there was a seismic shift in political life last night are right only in one respect.  David Cameron clearly showed his respect for parliamentary democracy.  For that he should be applauded.”

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