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The Isle of Wight Council and Amey have confirmed that Lynnbottom Tip at Downend and Afton Marsh tip in Freshwater have been closed with immediate effect.

It has been jointly agreed that the instruction from the Government requires the temporary closure of the sites for review in 3 weeks’ time.

The commercial lane at Lynnbottom remains open fro commercial waste only, as does the Asbestos disposal facility and the hazardous waste store for emergency services and hazardous waste.

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I would think the disposal of waste is a vital service…. especially as there is a restriction of movement now…meaning more people at home. Surely we need to prevent other disease spreading …


So you think they should risk their & others health, just so you can take your garden waste &other rubbish to the tip??
Now who’s being selfish?

Old bean

Well said


More fly tipping will happen !!


If people stick to the rules, they won’t be going out to be able to fly-tip

Christinepoyner poyner

Why we don’t get near anyone it’s a right mess up there anyway, fly tipping will be next problem


The disposal of household waste now likely to be dumped in the countryside is going to create more health problems and cost even more when it is eventually cleared away.

The workers could just let people fling their junk into the skips without constantly watching them, Christ what is the worst that will happen, some old dear throws a piece of wood in the metal skip?

Get a grip, and relax the strict regime for a couple of months, we used to just lob the lot over the wall, and lived a sight healthier than we are now.

Sue Jones

Is this for household collection as well?

Sharon Cade

There will now be so much more black bag waste for them. People who would usually go to tip & recycle who need it gone will just put in black bags now. They could’ve just let 4 cars in at a time, that would’ve been better & no over crowding.

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