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Photos: Island Echo

A-list celebrity Liam Payne braved the cold to film scenes for a new music video in the sea at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight last week.

Local interest was sparked on Monday (4th November) when a large film crew unexpectedly arrived at the far end of the Esplanade. A number of gazebos were set up and there was a hive of activity at the water’s edge – all as dog walkers carried on their daily stroll up and down The Bay.

The former One Direction band member soon emerged and entered the bitterly cold waters with a camera crew at just before 10:00. After just 5-10 minutes the scene was complete and the topless singer, 26, was back on dry land. It wasn’t quite an exit from the water in the style of Daniel Craig though.

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It’s understood that Liam – who recently hit the headlines for getting his kit off for a Hugo Boss advert – was filming part of a music video for his new single ‘Live Forever’, although it’s unclear why Shanklin was chosen as the filming location  – especially on a cold and wet day in November!

Liam Payne is releasing his debut solo album LP1 on 6th December.

Photos: Island Echo

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….. and that is the news of the day? Good, OK.
And next…….


“A-list celebrity Liam Payne…” Who ??


Ok boomer! 😀

Az-zahra Aziz


More rubbish

A list my Arse,one national paper said this last week,Breaking news?????


Never heard of him?

Just Saying

I imagine it’s just one of those funny typos. A-list should just be a list. He’ll be on a list somewhere.

Don't tell him pike.

Never heard of him .and who cares ?


With self made £46 million in bank don’t suppose he cares much what list you think he’s on or not on..


How much! Bloody hell good on him!


Whatever anyone says – he looks damn’ good, doesn’t he?


Maybe he swam across to avoid the hassle & rip off ferry prices lol

Euan White

The reason you guys don’t think he’s A list or don’t know him at all is probably because you’re all 55 and only go outside to collect the paper from farnsworths in the morning


Now then, now then. Jealous?

none given

euan – you do not know him either and he probably could care less about you, as you are not centre of his universe…he is.

stop grovelling and pandering at another human beings feet and get a grip will you.

A list – jeez ..such a 1980’s saying – didn’t think people would still be using such an old persons saying. guess euan is over 40 as well then.

Euan White

Surely we should be happy an “A list” celebrity cane to the island and two or three weeks ago so did Sam Smith another “A list” Celebrity which is good for the island’s publicity and why would I think he cares about me I just said we should be happy big names are coming to a little island.

none given

@euan… big names – my god, you don’t have fawn at the feet of other human beings, who are simply engaged in a different activity to you. Why should we be happy because someone who gets up on stage, sings and jumps around, turns up on the island. What is so special about that. perhaps if our society held nurses, police officers, doctors, care workers, other health care professionals, teachers, cleaners and all the other roles in society that actually allow our society to function in a civilised manner in such high esteem, then our world wouldn’t be so incorrectly… Read more »

none given

@euan, and your comment is also condescending to islanders – “we should be happy that big names are coming to a little island” – arrogant and rude. you might as well say that we should be grovelling at his feet, thanking him for gracing us with his mighty presence as we are not worthy of such honour – perhaps an islander could get on all fours and offer theirselves as a seat for him. The reason that a number of people who have spent a considerable amount of time in the public eye come to the island, have homes on… Read more »


Whether you like it or not (and I agree values can be cockeyed these days..), celebrity sells and for an island with a reputation for being stuck in some sort of nostalgic 60’s heyday where sticks of rock and sandwiches on the beach were the masses idea of a good time, ( and there is something to be said for that..) but nomore(!). Island needs all help it can get given it doesn’t want to be part of a fixed link, then promoting the island with celebrity whatever you think about that, (Queen Victoria promoted an island with very little… Read more »

none given

The island doesn’t need self serving, plastic people, whose sole contribution to the world is to post on social media. The islands biggest selling point is the fact that is is an escape from the rat race – a slower pace of life and relaxed atmosphere. I do not particularly care what some woman called victoria had to say years ago. She and her ilk simply existed off the backs of others and strutted around telling others how to live, whilst not doing the same. Todays Royal Family are no better, – telling people who live in small flats, with… Read more »


Keep up old folks, he was a member of One Direction, a hugely successful band on a literally worldwide scale; say comparable to the Beatles in the 60’s.. fact he was on iow is sorta news.. have no problem with some people not knowing who he is, it’s the pride they take in not knowing.. “I’m an old fogey and I really love it”.. let’s ridicule anything post 50’s, 60’s ? what cut off point defines us? mobile phones, we don’t need them, wi fi humphh..


it’s not so much that people don’t know who he is,.. it’s more that they’re just not interested in who he is. the whole thing of celebrity worship (which seems ot have got more prevelant with the advent of social media) seems to be taken to pathetic levels these days,.. as indicated by this ‘discussion’ (even the socila media platforms seem to have that sort of ‘worshipped’ status) “One Direction, a hugely successful band on a literally worldwide scale” recently listed 23rd in a list of the most popular bands of the last 10 years,.. behind names like The Rolling… Read more »


I’m not their biggest fans by any means but Evening Standard rated them as second best boy band of all time just behind Take That,.. comparing cultural icons like Pink Floyd with any Boy Band is not an equal comparison, obviously Pink Floyd rate higher.. but I’m sure when jazz first came out Bach aficionados felt same way.. different acts appeal to different generations.. talking of which one thing I can’t figure out is why children of the 60s of peace and love have grown up to be right wing old people to a great degree, and we get Brexit.… Read more »

none given

@clive.. your thing I can’t figure out is why children of the 60s of peace and love have grown up to be right wing old people to a great degree the answer to that is simple – the lefty, 60’s peace and hippy kids gained more intelligence as they got older, had kids themselves and realised they had to pay household bills. They then woke up and realised that their pie in the sky, tree hugging, hippy, no authority and lets all get wasted doesn’t work in reality, as society collapses into a muddy field of drugged up layabouts… Read more »


Not talking about collapsing in a muddy field, talking about compassion and tolerance.. coming together.. instead of conflict and the legacy of a broken planet for coming generations; things that make life worth living, making choices that lead to a semblance of wisdom as years go by, instead of bitterness and feelings of anger and victimhood .. think we should look inward for the solution, not to Trump and Brexit for false solutions, the answer is in the mirror and the quality of leadership we now seem to accept; lowbrow, lightweight politicians with absolutely no vision beyond clinging to power… Read more »

none given

i do not fear for the next generation. as for talking about brexit as a false solution, that is what we voted for – we are not stupid, we know why we voted. low brow, lightweight politicians are the product of lightweight, snowflake, weak willed and pathetic school years, by whimsical, lefty, do gooding, hand wringing, everybody is equal, no one loses teachers. compassion and tolerance ended the day we started seeing vast numbers of people showing up in this country and demanding that they get free housing, free money and to change things to suit them. coming together doesn’t… Read more »


Obviously we are on different page, not to say planet! solar system, galaxy.. ? got no answer when premises are so disturbing.. but I’m sure you’ll get few thumbs up from the Christian elements on iow.. speechless..

none given

clearly Mr Couter, clearly.

since when did you need to reference religion – have you got something against christians – i thought you were about tolerance and understanding, whereas your reference…..but I’m sure you’ll get few thumbs up from the Christian elements on iow………is extremely derogatory to members of society that follow a religion – this sort of hatred is exactly why conflict continues between
religions – your comments perpetuate that narrative.

you preach tolerance and understanding, yet deride a section of society at the same time – I think you need to re-think your stance.


To clarify, have nothing against Christians per se or any religion.. there are good and bad in any religion, but in my limited experience whenever I come across intolerance or in broadest sense unChristian behaviour (Christ did say love you neighbour), guess what


” lightweight politicians with absolutely no vision beyond clinging to power at all costs with promises that defy any scrutiny, yet we nail our flag to them like blindly supporting a football team”,.. yes,.. unfortunately, the modern trend in celebrity worship also seems to extend to people blindly supporting politicians no matter how outragous their lies & how condemned their policies by people who really do know & understand better. in reality, most politicians are not experts in anything except BS instead of compassion and tolerance, it seems a lot of people these days, especially the boomers, seem to want… Read more »

none given

daemy, politicians will only do what they need to do, to ensure they get voted in at the next election – not take any decisions that actually need to be taken. As for the young and boomers – that is all bollocks – every generation blames the previous one for its woes. Fact is that the generation born in the 1930/1940/1950 that are just retiring and are the current pensioners, lived through war, rationing, 3 day weeks/power cuts/no rubbish collections under labour, winter of discontent under labour, 15% inflation in the 80’s and they blamed their parents for that situation.… Read more »


He must me mad going in the sea at this time of year

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