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IMG_0094Soon-to-be star of Strictly Come Dancing Argentina, Katie Price, took a not so quiet break on the Isle of Wight this weekend with boyfriend Leandro Penna and son Harvey.

Price, 33, made a grand entrance on the Island in her bright pink Range Rover before heading to a popular family-run theme park, Robin Hill, sister site of Blackgang Chine where she visited 3 years ago.

Fans across the Island went crazy on social-networking sites to track down Miss Price, with several heading to the theme park just to see her. Unfortunately for them, she made a quiet exit after spending 4 hours at the park and headed to The Little Gloster restaurant in Gurnard for a late lunch.

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Price soon set off before parking her £50,000 Project Khan Range Rover in a side road in Cowes while visiting her mum, Amy, who has purchased a house in the town. Island Echo missed her by minutes.

The car was left overnight while hundreds of fans turned up taking photos and some teenagers even camping out for some 5 hours just to get a glimpse of the former model.

Price had an early start and made tracks back to Fishbourne to catch the ferry on Sunday morning after spending the night hiding from the cameras at her mum’s mid-sized maisonette property.

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