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snoopycharlieOne of the Isle of Wight Zoo’s much-loved lions, Charlie Brown, has been put to sleep following an aneurysm, the Sandown zoo has confirmed.

The sensitive lion, who has recently suffered from lymphoma cancer, first came to the Isle of Wight at 18-months old with his littermate brother, Snoopy (pictured left), and the two lived together here on the Isle of Wight until Snoopy passed away in 2012.

Although chemotherapy was producing positive results, it is believed Charlie Brown (pictured right) suffered an aneurysm on Thursday night into Friday resulting in the though decision to put the animal to sleep at 01:00 Friday morning.

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The Isle of Wight Zoo have said:

“There are no words to describe how he will be missed, he leaves behind Nahla & huge number of human friends who will feel the loss of a warm and big hearted lion.

“We still can’t believe he’s gone but the last few months at least he spent enjoying life with his life partner.”

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