Homes on the Isle of Wight are an eclectic mix when it comes to interior design according to a survey from one of the region’s leading housebuilders.

Housebuilder David Wilson Homes has examined the latest trends in interior design to gauge local people’s attitudes to home improvement and décor – and the results are quite eclectic.

When asked what sort of style they would ideally choose for their home design, 43% prefer a modern style while 31% said traditional décor was the best description of their own home. 7.5% would go as far as to describe their style as ‘eclectic’ – a variety of possessions gathered over a lifetime of fads and trends with colours and fixtures purposely thrown together more recently for effect.

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Only 7% confessed to deliberately styling their pad in a ‘funky and on-trend’ fashion, such as neon wall signs and garish wallpaper, although actually admitting to this could be frowned upon as distinctly unfashionable.

When asked about their influences, the survey revealed that social media and glossy magazines are the most popular sources of inspiration. Almost a quarter head to social media sites such as Instagram, with 17 per cent looking at glossy magazines.

It seems the advent and prominence of websites Instagram, Pinterest and other social media tools has replaced the more traditional sounding board of a best friend when it comes to seeking advice on home styling matters. However the stand-out response to this question actually found almost half of those surveyed (47%) claimed they don’t seek inspiration from any sources before styling their homes – they prefer to see how purchases fit together.

David Wilson Homes’ Sales Director, Michelle Storer, said:

“Looking at the results of this piece of research and the abundance of sources all around us telling us about home décor styles and trends, it’s interesting to see how so many people’s style evolves over the years.

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“We are always keen to ensure our show homes are inspirational and it sounds like the variety of styles we showcase really do reflect the differing tastes of those on the Isle of Wight.”

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