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TheTomatoStallTomatoCordialForget elderflower, lemon or lime, the world’s first tomato cordial has launched and is set to excite the palates of ‘posh squash’ lovers across the UK and it has been produced by the Island’s one and only The Tomato Stall.

The squash and cordial category is worth £317.9m in the UK, growing 4% year-on-year, partly fuelled by consumers seeking out exciting and innovative flavours.  Rhubarb and Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Coffee and Ginger and Lemongrass were previously the most experimental cordial flavours available to consumers, which has helped open the door for further interesting NPD.

The Tomato Stall’s Isle of Wight Tomato Cordial is made exclusively with fruit grown on the island, which are vine ripened and handpicked to ensure the sweetest and juiciest tomatoes. The result is a sweet and delicate drink, which when mixed with either still or sparkling water, creates the taste of British summertime in a glass. It is also pairs very well with a dressing of herbs, such as mint and basil.

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Dean Evans, top mixologist at the Finnieston Bar and Restaurant, Glasgow, said:

“There is an increasing interest from both consumers and bartenders in savoury drinks and I see many bartenders experimenting with different ways to impart flavours of tomato into their creations. The launch of the Tomato Stall’s tomato cordial will add a new dynamic for developing innovative cocktails. I can see it being a frequently reached for bottle in many a top cocktail venue’s back-bar as it’s a truly versatile and unique product, and expect to see The Tomato Stall’s Tomato Cordial making its way onto many a leading cocktail bar’s menu.”

Paul Thomas, Director of The Tomato Stall, said:

“The Isle of Wight’s unique maritime climate is credited for helping grow sweet, juicy and flavourful tomatoes. We use freshly picked, vine ripened tomatoes that are bottled just meters from where they are grown.

“We have already harnessed the wonderful taste into a juice, and we wanted to offer our customers something they have never experienced before so have developed a product that is truly unique. Whether mixed with water or enjoyed as a cocktail, it offers an intriguing delicate taste unlike anything else on the market.”

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The cordial will be available online, in selected farm shops and delis and at farmers markets. A 250ml bottle of The Tomato Stall’s Tomato Cordial costs £3.95 from www.thetomatostall.com.

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