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hospitalfriendsscreen2Patients with leg ulcers or artificial limbs are to indirectly benefit from sets of computer equipment bought by the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital, at a total cost of £14,088.

Three 46in plasma screens with integral computers are being provided by the charity for clinical community nurses, or district nurses, at premises in St Mary’s, Sandown and Ryde. Meanwhile a fourth installation is already up and running at the hospital’s orthotic and prosthetic department.

The need for the nurses to have the equipment was explained that over 50% of their time was taken up by managing people with leg ulcers. However, a new pathway introduced in Oxford, incorporating such screens/computers, enabled the teams there to easily study the latest photographs of ulcers, allowing them to properly gauge the effectiveness of treatment. They were able to accelerate decision making, review the status of patients quickly, and monitor workload to ensure the right care was delivered.

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Consequently the average healing time was reduced from two years to just 24 weeks, not only greatly enhancing ulcer patients’ quality of life but giving staff more time for other caring duties.

Meanwhile the system installed at the orthotic and prosthetic department should be invaluable in improving feedback between patients and staff, and for showing a variety of useful information for patients with artificial limbs or devices that support parts of the body .

To further improve the new pathway approach the Friends also agreed to purchase a camera and associated equipment for each of the three community nurse premises – at a total further cost of £1260.

Photographed: Friends volunteer Beryl Rowan and Carol Mabey, head of the department with the new screen – Cara Wood with the new camera

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