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Isle of Wight residents have been thanked by the Government for their vital contribution during the recent trial of the NHS COVID-19 app.

In a recently released video, Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock praises residents for taking part and reiterates how their feedback will play a valuable role in the approach for the next phase of development of the contact tracing app.

The UK is the only country in the world to have run a dedicated trial to improve the app ahead of a national rollout. Thanks to this rigorous testing phase, including the pilot on the Isle of Wight, challenges were identified ahead of a national population roll-out and a new version of the app will now be developed bringing together the work done so far on the NHS COVID-19 app and the Google Apple framework.

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Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

“Islanders readily stepped forward to help their country as we continue to battle this virus, and I want to offer my huge thanks to Islanders for leading the way with NHS Test and Trace.

“If you downloaded the app, helped a friend or family member to use it, or taken part in one of our surveys then you have played a huge part in shaping how the whole country continues to respond to this virus.

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“I was blown away by the way in which so many embraced this trial. The insight and feedback provided has been both invaluable in our battle against Coronavirus and is of global significance.”

The government, local council and all partners involved have praised the positive response and support for the app on the Island and the vital role which residents have played.

NHS Test and Trace is already working to stop the spread of coronavirus and save lives. Building on our previous work, data shows that over 100,000 people who may have otherwise unwittingly spread the virus have been contacted, and residents of the Isle of Wight should continue to engage with this service.

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Martin Shoebridge

Really ?


A big thank you for a waste of tax payers money, round of applause for Prat Handcock.


Scary thing is that he believes his own bullshit


Is it actually worth replying to this persons comments, especially after on national TV, he broke the distancing rules/guidelines that he almost on a daily basis said it was our duty to obey and was critical.
The big issue i have is this,
they appeared know before they asked us to download the World Breaking NHS App, that it wouldn’t work.
They also appeared to know why it wouldn’t work.
So Mr high and mighty, you can go and ……………..

mr justice

Now now, you starting to sound a bit like that mr justice. Lol, I’m only joking with you, but surely you can start to see the pieces to this puzzle! He broke social distancing because he knows the truth. The lies they tell are being exposed, and so is the agenda, eg cashless society, trak and trace,etc.

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