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The Isle of Wight Green Party will be holding the first in a new series of public meetings on Saturday 7th March, in Newport.

In the run-up to the Isle of Wight Council elections scheduled for May 2021, Greens are seeking the input of local people to the policies the party will campaign on.

Starting at 11:00 next Saturday, Green town and parish councillors will host a discussion with local residents at the Newport Parish Centre, Town Lane. The topic of this first meeting will be housing and homes, with housebuilding on the Island well below the Council’s targets, monthly rents rising steeply and some areas with nowhere available to rent at all.

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The meeting on the 7th March will offer the opportunity for Islanders to contribute their ideas, put their questions to local Green councillors, and hear about potential solutions to the housing shortage.

Daniel James, chair of the Isle of Wight Green Party, says:

“Our MP, Bob Seely, has been going around telling people that the Island can reduce its house building targets. That’s all very well for the people that already have decent homes, but plenty of Islanders don’t. Much of our housing stock is damp, cold and expensive to heat, and young people can’t afford local housing even when they’re working hard. There could be better options, and we want to hear about them.”

All Islanders are welcome to attend, and entry to the meeting will be free of charge.

To reserve a seat for the meeting, Island residents can RSVP to [email protected] or visit

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Without mentioning Vix Lowthion by name (whoops!) the Green party spent more on their failed general election campaign and created more unused paper leaflet waste than any other local party.
I suspect there might be some credibility issues ???

none given

Read between the lines – they are basically saying they want more houses built – hardly a green strategy is it, with more pollution and destruction of the environment for more boxes to be built.

Perhaps they should campaign for a population reduction, by kicking out all illegal immigrants, kicking out all those that are convicted of crimes that are not british citizens, kicking out all those that turn up here with no cash and expect to sponge off the state – just a thought eh.

Joe Blogs

So they want more houses to be built. I thought they were the Green Party. I think we should re-name them the Hypocrite Party.

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