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The Government has outlined the measures that will allow Isle of Wight tourism and visitor attractions to reopen to the public, paving the way for an economic boost to local businesses and economies across the country.

The guidance, published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, outlines the processes and facilities that businesses must put in place before reopening on 4th July so that both staff and visitors can be kept safe.

The advice includes guidelines for hotels and accommodation providers – such as campsites, caravan parks and short term lets – as well as indoor and outdoor visitor attractions and conference and events centres. Providing the conditions of the guidance are met, the wider sector is currently expected to open from 4th July 2020.

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The guidance makes clear that the following measures should be put in place:

  • Hotels and accommodation providers will introduce deep cleaning regimes between guests.
  • Meal services including breakfasts will be pre-booked and timed.
  • Timed tickets will be introduced for exhibitions, theme parks, galleries and attractions to reduce the number of visitors in locations at the same time.
  • One way systems, clear floor markings and a queue management system should be in place to maintain social distancing measures at all attractions and help to limit contact between both staff and visitors.
  • Organisations will also encourage cashless payments throughout to avoid cross-contamination.
  • In addition, visitor attractions will be instructed to introduce regular deep cleaning regimes across their site and some interactive displays will be temporarily closed.

A new industry standard will also be introduced by VisitEngland for hotels, accommodation providers and visitor attractions to reassure the public that businesses are adhering to government guidance. This will act as a marker to visitors that a venue is practising social distancing, maintaining cleaning routines and has undertaken a thorough risk assessment to protect customers when on site.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

“Britain needs a break, and from July 4th people can now take a well-deserved staycation.

“We’ll need the public to keep safe on holiday by following the advice we’re providing, but there is no doubt this is the news many have been waiting for.

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“I am looking forward to a British holiday myself.

“Our guidance will help the tourism businesses reopen safely, reassure locals and allow businesses to welcome guests back with confidence.”

Click here for guidance for people who work in hotels and guest accommodation, indoor and outdoor attractions, and business events and consumer shows

Click here for hotels and other guest accommodation guidance.

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mr justice

Ha ha remember ,guidance isn’t law! So keep your guidance to yourself most people are fed up with being told what to do, where to stand, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, don’t touch this, stay apart, oh p… off!

Opinions Matter

You are a CRETIN Mr Justice whoever you are.

mr justice

That’s your opinion and you are entitled to that ( at the moment) . My opinion, which I’m entitled to, is that people like you ,that believe ALL that the liars (government) say, you get ALL your information from the BBC and MSM, and have lost the ability of free thought! It’s non thinking CRETINS like you that will push us all into this new world , that fools like YOU can’t see, through the fear they have created for you.

Jeff Wode

Your thoughts don’t sound very free to me.

Sounds like you’re parroting David Icke (and various other La La Landers).

Mr justice

Unfortunately when,and I hope I’m wrong, but when I say I told you so it will be to late. So carry on in ignorance to what is the end agenda. I feel sorry for all the children, mine yours, because they wont have the freedom that we once had thats for sure.

Mrs brown

Well said! Let’s all live as we should not as we are told too!!

Mr justice

Thank you mrs brown.

Opinions Matter

There will be a second infection on the island given the amount of holiday makers that are coming here. The government say they will not hesitate to introduce local lockdown measures if they see a spike in a particular area. Will they really stop visitors boarding a ferry and travelling across the solent? I don’t think so. Given the evidence from other countries, the virus remerges once people start to move around. What’s going to happen if this is the case on the island Mr Seely? Once the pubs reopen, sit back and watch the trouble unfold. I really feel… Read more »


They haven’t been stopped during lockdown,so they won’t do it now, it’s all about money


Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

“Britain needs a break, and from July 4th people can now take a well-deserved staycation.

“We’ll need the public to keep safe on holiday by following the advice we’re providing, but there is no doubt this is the news many have been waiting for.

The many have been waiting for this news, but the few that totally ignored it, our so called leaders have set a terrible example to the many who now appear to think the advise and guidelines no longer apply to them.

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