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Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers across the Isle of Wight have been given practical, clear steps they can take to reopen safely over the coming weeks.

New COVID-19 secure guidance for the hospitality sector and hairdressers means businesses will be able to reopen in England from 4th July, provided they meet government criteria for keeping staff and customers as safe as possible.

Working alongside over 300 key industry stakeholders and trade unions, the government has developed clear plans in line with scientific advice and public health directions, building on existing guidance published on 11th May.

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The new guidance sets out a range of measures for pubs and restaurants to become COVID-19 secure, including:

  • requiring use of table service where possible instead of ordering at the bar and assigning a single staff member per table
  • encouraging use of contactless ordering from tables where available, such as through an app
  • discouraging non-essential trips by staff within venues, such as between the kitchen and front of the house, by using radios and other electronic devices to communicate
  • encouraging customers to use hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities as they enter the venue
  • providing clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene as people arrive on the premises, with signage and visual aids

Business Secretary Alok Sharma has said:

“We know this pandemic has been particularly hard for people working in hairdressing and hospitality. Allowing pubs, restaurants and hairdressers to open will be another step in our plan to kickstart our economic recovery in a safe manner.

“The guidance we have set out provides clear, practical steps businesses can take to open in a way that is as safe as possible for workers and customers.”

Separate guidance has been published for hairdressers, which states that a clear visor should be worn by the person providing the service, covering the face and providing a barrier between the wearer and the customer from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing or speaking.

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Click here to read the updated guidance for pubs and restaurants and new guidance for hairdressers.

The government is also consulting with industry on how businesses should record customer information to help keep customers and employees safe and support the new test and trace system.

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I see nothing in the guidelines about keeping any noise down in rural pubs. If people have to be outside to feed there needs of alcohol I hope the respect the area and people who live around it.


Use Contactless payments ! !
Well that’s me not going to the pub or hairdressers then 🙁
Just think, i could of had my hair cut in a pub, darn it lol.


You will be able to at the Gambling man, Ryde

Original Mark

Use apps to order?   The government has had months to get their app going and failed yet they expect my local cafe owner to get one up and running in a week?   Radios and “other electronic devices” (the mind boggles) to communicate between front of house and the kitchen could prove interesting too.   I did have visions of a massive employment boost though when I misread the bit about having a member of staff per table though.   Clearly most of these rules are designed for the big chains rather than smaller establishments but hopefully we can… Read more »

mr justice

I think not! What a wonderful atmosphere the pubs and restaurants will have, all sat down like good little sheep. Don’t forget ,leave your real money at home, use you card and app to order drinks from your isolation area. Oh and if you see a friend you have not seen for months, don’t forget to wave from your seat. Yeah this is going to be great! I’m really looking to enjoy my new norm of going out!


You’re an idiot. It’s called being responsible and having respect for others. It’s people like you that are making this last longer than it should be.

Red Squirrel

Totally agree Richard, he goes on about sheep yet he is the one with his head in the sand or from some of his comments up his own backside, he is indeed a first class idiot.

mr justice

Ha ha.very funny. It will be a sad day, when I say,I told you so, and you will realise, that actually that mr justice was right. There’s lots of people out there with loads of evidence to prove all that I have been saying, of course you won’t look because you don’t believe anything, apart from the government, who have always lied. See I know what’s coming (hope I’m wrong I really do) and am prepared,you on the other hand, are in for a rude awakening!

mr justice

Richard ,are you really that naive to believe it’s going to go back like it was?! You need to really get to grip about what’s happening here. If your younger then 40, you have a slight excuse, but if your like me over 55, then you must have a bad memory or deep down you really don’t care ,as long as your ok. See I research as much as I can,. find the truth and tried to encourage others to do so because I care. Find out for yourselves ,don’t just believe what your told by anyone. Is that really… Read more »


Can i have the job going round to pubs and hairdresser to make sure they are abiding by the guidelines … darn it, forgot, these are ONLY guidelines.
So it will be back to normal then.

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