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isleofwightexperiencefossil2A youngster on a residential school visit to the Isle of Wight has discovered an ‘amazing find’ of a fossil aged around 122 million years old at Yaverland Beach in Sandown.

Jamie Bishop visited Dinosaur Isle on a trip with his school with established educational tour operator Isle of Wight Experience.

Jamie and his classmates went for a fossil hunt at Yaverland beach when he discovered the fossil amongst a pile of assorted pebbles. On closer inspecton and some cleaning by Martin New of Dinosaur Isle, the distinctive shape meant it was from an ‘Ornithopod’ dinosaur (a plant eater) and possibly either Iguanodon , Mantellisaurus or Valdosaurus.

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Other distinctive features also meant experts could be sure it came from the tail (caudal) vertebra. This vertebra was surrounded by rock called ‘Wessex Formation’- and at Yaverland it is just over 122 million years old, which also has been confirmed by Trevor Price from Dinosaur Isle.

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