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thefonAchievement for All Ambassador Henry Winkler OBE, aka The Fonz, will visit Medina College in Newport today (Friday) as part of a UK tour for the My Way! campaign.

Leading education charity Achievement for All is dedicated to successfully improving outcomes in reading, writing and maths for the country’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. The charity is hoping to bring its award-winning Schools Programme to the Island in support of the struggling education system.

Sonia Blandford, Founder and CEO of Achievement for All CEO, quotes:

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“Experience working with over 2,000 schools shows progress is possible whatever the learning circumstance. These are some unique challenges facing The Island; we hope by working with the schools, and Parents and Carers, we can improve the learning experience and the educational outcomes of every child regardless of background, challenge or need”.

Whilst at school, severe dyslexia saw Henry ranked in the bottom 3% of the education system in the US. Even his parents called him a ‘dumb dog’! Despite this, he went on to achieve cult-status as a leading actor; best known to adults for his role as ‘the Fonz’ in Happy Days, and then by his younger fan base as ‘Mr Rock’ in BBC children’s comedy series, Hank Zipzer, based on Henry’s own books about a boy with dyslexia. He has achieved further greatness through his work as a producer and author of the above.

Henry Winkler quotes:

“Every child has brilliance inside them. It is their job to dig it out and give it to the world. I cannot wait to see who they become.”

In partnership with First News, the UK’s only newspaper for young people, the My Way! campaign seeks to raise the self-esteem and aspirations of British children. Henry’s inspirational talk aims to dispel the stigma felt by the one in five children in the UK with learning difficulties, whilst giving these children’s friends, parents, carers and teachers a greater understanding of the challenges they face.

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