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Travellers on the Cowes Floating Bridge will soon be able to pay staff using contactless bank cards.

With cash payments no longer accepted due to coronavirus, and the increasing use of the popular Saver Cards, the Isle of Wight Council is now adopting contactless handsets for floating bridge staff to take payments on board from Monday 6th July.

The new handsets will also let Saver Card holders top up their card straight away.

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Contactless card payments help minimise cash handling for staff and passengers thereby improving safety in the current coronavirus crisis.

Floating bridge customers who don’t use the Saver Card can already use their contactless bank card or cash to buy a ticket at a shoreside ticket machine.  Tickets can be bought online using online payment methods including credit or debit cards or a charge to your phone bill.

All these options will still be available, plus the new choice to pay with a contactless card on board.

Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, Ian Ward, said:

“We know people want the option to use contactless payment on the Cowes Floating Bridge, and I’m very pleased we can now do that.

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“Contactless payment will help everyone by making it faster and easier to pay, saving time for passengers and staff alike.

“Use of the floating bridge is gradually increasing as lockdown eases, and I hope this new facility will help travellers, and our staff, feel safe and secure in the current crisis.”

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Just Sayin’

FYI. Card payment works through the glass so no need to even wind the window down. Just press your card against the window to be scanned.


Absolute crap decision why can’t they wear gloves like everywhere else. Don’t care about elderly people who haven’t got a bank card

Mr justice

There is no evidence to show bs virus is carried on money. And for all the sheep,this statement was from your own government. Give it another 2 years max,and cash will be gone. Control.

Joe Bloggs

The virus can be carried on anything we touch, but how long for is a different matter. As cash is handed from one person to another it could easily be carrying live virus. And it will be years before cash disappears and even then it is doubtful.

Last edited 13 days ago by Joe Bloggs
mr justice

So it seems you know better then the government ( that’s not difficult cause they lie about most things) but more then the CDC which is science based. Well, we will have to wait and see about when cash disappears, but please check your sources about money carrying virus? And please share your findings.


SO the Council are advocating their employees break the law?
I thought cash WAS legal tender and can not be refused.
I do not have contactless on any of my cards and never will, neither does my partner or my parents.
Therefore, looks like i will either have to walk across from Cowes to East Cowes or drive all the way round.


Covid 19, has allowed the authorities to bring in many ” temporary” measures, like cashless payments, which will probably never be revoked. Cash is essential for a lot of people, and this is just another step on the slippery slope to control and tracking. Every transaction with your contactless card is logged. The cashless society has been in planning for years, and this virus has given them the perfect excuse to do this and many other things, police powers included.
Just my opinion.


Won’t be long before the infamous floating bridge fails to make contact with cowes or East cowes

Last edited 12 days ago by Arthur
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