Camping has never been so accessible as it is today, mostly thanks to campervans. Not only are these cars easy to drive, but they also let you see the world through roadways and can reach almost any location in Canada and the US. However, before you jump on the bandwagon and set out on a world tour, there are several mighty things you need to consider. This article will guide you through the campervan basics that you must know before starting your first campervan trip.

What Are Campervans?

Campervans are often referred to by using different terms in different parts of the works, which include- “Class B,” “caravan,” and only “camper.” These types of recreational vehicles are self-contained and are created on the vehicular frames of vans or trucks. Driving a campervan is relatively easy too and accessible as they are smaller than the typical RV van.

Campervans make it easy to travel, which is one of its biggest strengths. Because the essential vehicle body is that of a minivan or a large truck, anyone who can drive the latter two types of vehicles can use campervans with ease too. Additionally, there are also the cost advantages of a campervan when you compare it with the expenses associated with RV vans. And not to forget that campervans come with many of the features that characterize RV vans.

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On the flip side, the space afforded by a campervan is significantly less than that of conventional RV vehicles. Large recreational vehicles or RVs or motorhomes are suitable for an entire family. In contrast, campervans are best suited for two to three people maximum.

Differences Between Campervans From RVs And Conversion Vans

There are plenty of shared terms between campervans and conventional RVs, and conversion vans. But there is an essential difference between the two vehicle categories. The most apparent difference is probably the difference in size. Conventional recreational vehicles are usually as large as a school bus; campervans are relatively smaller in terms of size. There is also a difference between average RV insurance costs and those of campervans. The smaller variants of campervans are, in fact, no larger than production cars, while it might also be as large as a large truck on the other extreme. Such moderation in vehicle size makes it easy to jump into campervans. At the same time, traditional RVs demand significant time and effort to learn and adjust to their driving needs.

Often the terms campervans and conversion vans are used, but it is a factual mistake. The difference between the two is considerable. Campervans are equipped with dedicated sleeping and cooking spots. On the other hand, conversion vans are not mainly intended for camping purposes. They have more space for storage and excellent seats but not any special camping provisions. 

Campervan Benefits

  • Enhanced Mobility

There are several advantages of using campervans for road trips to camps. Among the host of such benefits, caravans’ most significant advantages are their mobility. Campervans are often of the same size as a full-sized truck or van but come with additional mobility that lets you drive it to anywhere you wish. All you need to start your next camp is a roadmap or a campground.

  • Best Of Both Worlds

Another crucial beneficial characteristic of the campervan is that it shares many of the benefits of traditional RVs. The better campervans out there sport small kitchen areas and provide power outlets that provide power to various electrical and medical devices. Further dedicated sleeping areas in campervans are insulated, ensuring maximum comfort for you while you get to rest.

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  • Easily Accommodated In Camping Grounds

The last benefit of a campervan that must be discussed is how camping grounds easily accommodate such a camping vehicle type. They don’t require too much space and can be set up with the minimum use of hook-ups. Campervans also usually come with shore power plugs that let them use an external power source while you are on a camping ground. It means you can use the various devices inside your campervan like kitchen items without draining your vehicle batteries.

Essential Tips To Enhance Your Campervan Experience

People who haven’t ever ventured out on a trip in a campervan have a great experience in store for them. Before you set out on such an adventure, the following tips and tricks would help you make a good campervan experience an outstanding and great one:

  • Less Can Be So Much More

You can enjoy a decent amount of living space in a campervan. It is also true that it doesn’t take much difficulty in cramping things up quickly when you pack all the items you can think of within your campervan. In this, you will find it helpful to pack light, i.e., put only the things you will essentially need in your campervan. You don’t necessarily need to pack everything and wonder about where and how to do so when you are trying to move to the next campground.

  • Save Money And Time By Planning Early

Frankly, the temptation of hitting the road whenever you desire a change in wind and place is quite incredible. But suppose you don’t plan early and the available space at your campground is limited. In that case, the whole proposition can become way too expensive fast. One solution regarding this that will save you both time and money is to plan. Make your plans and accordingly reserve campground space by calling them well in advance. This will ensure that there is ample available space and that you can book them at affordable rates. You can carry out such bookings online too for some particular camping grounds.

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  • Leave It Better Than You Found It

Don’t just be a simple user of the camping ground you use with your campervan. Instead, it is a better idea to take up a stewardship role for your favorite camping ground. It is desirable that you don’t leave behind trash and instead take up a proactive part. You need to pick up all of the trash you can and secure them. Remember to do this every day while you are at a camping ground before calling it quits for the day. Also, refrain from feeding the wildlife you will find on such camping grounds, both intentionally and unintentionally. It is a best practice; besides, doing otherwise may find you caught up on the wrong side of the law. Further littering on federal lands or starting open fires where it is against the law might attract fines.

Camping using campervans is a relatively easy and comfortable way to get a firsthand experience of the natural beauty and wonders that the United States holds. People who are aware of the best practices of using campervans can better enjoy such outdoor camping trips. That would, in turn, translate to better camping memories for you to cherish. Here’s to a clean, cheerful camping experience!

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