Countries across the world have imposed a ban on travel to curb the spread of coronavirus. The USA is no exception. Many people might be looking to travel as soon as the ban lifts or might be wondering until when COVID-19 is going to be the midpoint of our lives. The viral outbreak has wreaked havoc around the world and has taken thousands of lives. This adds to the anxiety of prospective travel plans.

Is it Safe to Travel to the USA during Coronavirus?

Albeit, many states have started easing control, Americans are only traveling within their own city. However, traveling to the USA can be quite risky – unless of course you’re using a limo, such as those from Limo Find –

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More and more Americans are returning to work. So, people are bound to move around with travel restrictions being loosened. However, if you are planning to travel to the USA from England or a European country, you shouldn’t forget that the USA still stands at the risk of experiencing the second wave.

The pandemic is far from over and the safest place you can be is at home. Many health experts have been recommending limiting social interactions and staying at home as much as possible. This is mainly due to the active community spread.

The increased restrictions after the European travel ban of the United States that was announced on 11th March banning US entry to people who have been to Europe in the last 14 days.

Spain, France or Italy, along with most of the European countries are under lockdown as well as the residents of various US states including New York and California and under stay-at-home orders.

Travel Bans and Advisories

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The global travel advisory is at its peak and that US State Department says that you should not travel. An elaborate list of advisories has been posted on the State Department website. Along with this, US Center and Disease Control and Prevention, has come up with its own list of travel advisories.

The UK and Canada are among other nations that have come up with travel restrictions.

Thus, traveling to the USA might not be a possibility at present. Thus, traveling to the USA might not be a possibility at present.

Tourism in the USA

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In 2018, the USA experienced a 2% increase in tourism, the largest tourist footfall across the world.

Before travel restrictions, all you needed was a USA visitor visa and you were good to go. The USA is a diverse nation and many people from across the world have visited the country even English Tourists. If you hit the major cities of the country, you will be able to explore some hidden gems and just as the people of America, you will find quite varied food. There are many different types of landscapes within the country from deserts to parks or beaches you may visit most of the year.

When can You Travel?

No one can say when travel restrictions are going to be eased again. With the rising cases, it is not going to happen anytime soon. So, you might have to stall your travel plans for now.

Also, even when it does and you decide to travel, you should take precautions.

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