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Police, fire and ambulance crews are dealing with a road traffic collision on Military Road this afternoon (Saturday).

1 vehicle is understood to have come to a rest on its roof in a field having left the carriageway.

Emergency services responded to the scene – thought to be located between Brighstone and Freshwater – at just before 16:00. Further resources are en-route.

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UPDATE @ 16:40 – It has been confirmed that no one has been trapped in the single vehicle incident.

Firefighters arrived on scene to find 1 vehicle on its roof in a field.

UPDATE @ 18:00 – The driver of the vehicle – thought to be male – has been conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital. Their injuries are not thought to be serious.

A dog who was travelling in the vehicle at the time of the crash is understood to have escaped injury.

Police have paid thanks to a medic and his other half were stopped and offered assistance as they passed the scene.

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Can someone/anyone explain to me why we (nearly) daily read about a one car accident and the car has rolled on to its roof.

Is it the design of modern cars? All curved and round like old fashioned jelly moulds?

Our “island Roads” are now so much better – is it because you can drive faster on them?

Or a combination of the above two things?

Thank goodness the driver and his dog escaped injury in this incident.


Or are people looking at screens while driving, ie Sat Navs, Phones etc ?


My opinion is that modern cars are safer than ever. A car can only do what the driver makes it. I wonder how many of these “incidents” are actually a fault of the car ??? Probably hardly any. Nearly always the drivers faults. Don’t know why drivers now have no consideration for other road users. Always in a hurry. Get very impatient if car in front is doing 30 in a 30 limit and trying to push you. They know where they are going so why should they use indicators !! Generally driving standard seem to be at an all… Read more »

Ben Dyer

Hi, I think it is actually down to the style of reporting. As if in the incident a car has rolled onto its side it would be described as much. I agree more modern cars naturally roll onto their roof and it is only fair to describe this common event as it is, on it’s roof.

Barry Chantler

Wet roads!


Hope the dog is okay

Nigel Tuck

Other half? Wife, girlfriend, husband, partner would have been more appropriate?

West Wighter

I really think in places on some roads there is a drop from the edge of new road surface!
That has something to with it!!
Island roads should address this.


Looks like a modified Jeep type car judging by it’s axles high up in the air. Very ‘top heavy’ and thus unstable when ‘swerving’….


Why when this happens do readers straight away start blaming the roads and now the shape of the vehicle. 100’s of vehicles use these same roads day in day out yet one leaves the road and its down to all sorts of excuses, common sense would say that if it were for the roads fault then more cars would leave that same part of the road everyday which obviously doesnt happen. From a professional angle most RTC’s are caused by driver error or whats basically called Careless Driving and sometimes Dangerous Driving.
Drive to the conditions simple.

West Wighter

Maybe look at some of drops !!’
Don’t really think you know what yr on about


Really, thats why i said in my professional opinion as i have probably dealt with more RTC’s than you have had hot dinners from minor to fatalities which i think gives me the good reason to know what i am on about.


Very much know what i’m on about, read the road and the conditions and slow down where necassary its not rocket science!


I agree totally about reading the road conditions & driving appropriately… But west wighter has a point… Some of the drops off the sides of recently resurfaced roads are an accident waiting to happen. I’ve seen a few where if you were forced towards the curb by on-coming traffic, & dropped a wheel off the edge, there’d be no nice ending!


It was between chale and brighstone, not freshwater and brighstone

Yvonne Knapp

yesterday a young male idiot driver bore out of a side turning very close to a car coming one way and us having to brake as he crossed in front of us as he bored off !!!!!!!!

Will Storey

So sad Garry Fry has crashed his new car already

Who is Gary fry?


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