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brucesouthernwaterTo avoid a fright this Halloween, Southern Water is asking people to treat their toilets and not trick them by flushing away the wrong things.

Ghastly items such as wet wipes, plasters and cotton buds should all be put in the bin. If flushed away, they mix with a greasy mass of congealed cooking oils and cause blockages which threaten to flood homes with wastewater.

Last month, nearly 34 tons of non-biodegradable items had to be removed from Sandown Treatment Works. That’s the equivalent weight of 21 hippos.

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Bruce, Southern Water’s potty-mouthed sewer monster, who was found in the pipes at a wastewater treatment works, said:

“Halloween can be a scary time of year in the sewers with ghoulish wipes on the prowl and blobs of fat creeping through the pipes.

“Don’t let wet wipes come back to haunt you, only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and paper. Everything else is a pain in the drain and should be put in the bin including fat, oil and grease.”

For more wacky toilet tales and interesting facts follow Bruce on Twitter @MrBruceMonster or visit www.southernwater.co.uk/paininthedrain.

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