L-R: Tim Thorne (CycleWight), Steve Roscoe (Southern Vectis), Val and Alex Lawson, Cat James, Dizz Dyer (CycleWight) and Cllr Phil Jordan

Southern Vectis is urging greater consideration among drivers sharing the Island’s roads with cyclists.

The bus operator has signed up to the ‘Share the Road’ campaign, funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and led by Isle of Wight Council with campaign group, CycleWight.

To demonstrate their support, Southern Vectis have covered the rears of two of their buses with striking messages to promote the safe overtaking of cycles, mopeds and horses.

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Matt Kitchin, general manager of Southern Vectis said:

“We’re delighted to be participating in this important awareness campaign. The safety of our passengers and drivers is crucially important – but so is that of others sharing the island’s roads with us.

“I’m encouraged by the response we’ve had from drivers so far – and hope the ‘Share the Road’ campaign goes a long way to making Isle of Wight roads safer for all.”

sharetheroadsouthernvectiscyclewight3Councillor Phil Jordan, executive member for public protection, said:

“I am pleased to support this campaign, which has been generated because of a local need.  It is important for the safety of Island road users, that due care and attention is heeded, in order to help minimise the potential for road traffic incidents. My thanks to the Island’s cycling ambassadors for working with us to bring about a strong message, and to Southern Vectis for their support.”

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Phil (Dizz) Dyer, avid road cyclist and chair of the Island Advanced Motorists Group, said:

“The main objective of this campaign is the safety of road cyclists and drawing awareness of motorists to be, in many cases, more patient when overtaking the more vulnerable rider, such as cyclists or horse riders.

“I have personal experience of the lack of awareness that some drivers can exhibit; last year I was knocked off, indeed wiped-out, by an overtaking caravan driver and spent some six weeks in considerable pain.  I welcome this initiative to bring road safety to the fore.”

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