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Police have closed the main road into Cowes as a result of a road traffic collision – the second to occur on the Island’s roads this morning (Tuesday).

The incident has occurred at the junction of Clissfold Road, near to HMP Isle of Wight.

A maroon coloured Peugeot 206 has been heavily damaged in the smash.

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Motorists are being diverted via the prison estate.

UPDATE @ 09:48 – Police have now re-opened the main road in and out of Cowes.

UPDATE @ 10:15 – 8 people have been injured as a result of this morning’s crash, which involved 2 cars and a Southern Vectis single decker bus.

7 of those injured have sustained minor injuries, with 1 person suffering a more serious injury.

UPDATE @ 13:10 – Southern Vectis have released a statement about this morning’s collision.

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Simon Moye, Southern Vectis operations manager, has said:

“There was an incident this morning, near Partridge Road, where two cars collided. We understand that this resulted in one of the cars being pushed into the path of our bus, which was travelling in the opposite direction.

“Fortunately, our vehicle was travelling slowly at the time. I have been informed that the driver of one car was injured and was taken to hospital, along with one of our customers. We wish them a full and speedy recovery, and will be monitoring their progress closely.

“We are also providing support for our excellent driver, who took evasive action and managed to avoid a full front collision. He is uninjured but shaken by the incident. The bus was damaged and has been taken away for repairs.

“Our services are now running as normal”.


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Lewis White

What the hell is happening on the roads on the island? People cannot drive on these roads. There is a crash everyday or I see near MISSES, nearly all the TIME. PEOPLE DRIVE FAR TO FAST It becoming a dangerous place. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE THEESE NEW CARS PEOPLE BEFORE YOU GET IN THEM


Just heavier traffic….but don’t worry, we can sort it all out by building loads more houses over here and flooding the roads to such an extent that it won’t be worth driving anywhere..!! :-/

Paul O'Rourke

Don’t forget to put more stores in Newport.


That is exactly what I thought!

Anne Wilson

Slow down don’t get there any quicker

Paul O'Rourke

How do you learn to drive a car without getting in it?


Its NOT ALWAYS about the SPEED that is a main factor in these crashes and accidents most of the time its poor awareness, lack of focus on the road and people not knowing how to drive or who’s right of way it is. If someone is on there phone or talking to there passengers without concentrating then they can have an accident at anytime whether they are going 30mph or 50mph.
Everyone always tries to make it about SPEED but its just as important to drive with AWARENESS!
Some people drive TOO SLOW which is a HAZARD in itself.


Join the discussion…Believe me the speed cars come off the dual carriageway past the hospital sometimes needs to be seen to be believed. They try to beat the traffic lights outside the hospital. I reckon the bus pulled out from the bus stop and the car was trying to overtake it. It is, after all, a dual carriageway.

Andrew Hatch

Great theory but that’s not where it happened. Could wait for facts I guess rather than speculating.


Sheila. They fly by where the road nr st Mary’s bus stop filters traffic. People drive crazily by that hospital.



Andrea Sparling

And they want to build 9,000 more houses on the island which will mean 9,000 plus more cars on our roads MADNESS


So think about what a fixed link would bring across on a daily basis..

Darren Street

Bare in mind most households have 2 cars these days so try more like 18,000 cars !

gloria solomon

I dread getting on buses the drivers see a bit of straight road,put their foot down and nearly fling us out of our seats,Ive had to get off one the other week before reaching my destination as the driving was so bad it made me feel sick!!


Feel sorry for bus drivers. They have a difficult time keeping to timetable due to traffic. Also as they are bigger than most traffic the public see them ( or not !!). Sometimes optical illusion they are going faster than they actually are. If driving was that bad as you say hopefully you reported it ??? You knew what bus so they know what driver ??? People always look at negative side. How many miles do buses drive without any mishaps ?? Many more than your cars. Well done Southern Vectis


If the bus driver ws putting his foot down simple physics would dictate you were pushed back into your seat and not flung out of it!


The standard of driving here is well below par.
Who’s passing these morons fit to drive, oh yeah a moron. It’s either wacky races or the flintstones, a mad house, just stand on the path outside Lidl for 5 minutes, watch and laugh your head off,


Spot on. Who is passing them ? Driving instructors don’t give very good advert when they don’t seem to teach basics. I.e. Indicating!!! Beware you are always on someone’s dash cam !!!!!


I agree the causes are very varied but SPEED and PHONES appear to dominate, lack of effective law enforcement on the roads is not helping


3 times daily en route to work I have to take my life in my hands. People cutting across your path at the Hare and Hounds, instead of waiting for the green arrow. And pulling out onto the Briddlesford Road from the Combley cut through, where you have little visibility to the right, and ongoing traffic at 70mph where drivers put their foot down, ignoring the road sign and SLOW written in the lane. Most of the time young men with a heavy right foot and belief they are invincible. So many near misses there, won’t be long before it… Read more »


One main issue with bad driving is that many people follow far too close, tailgating seems very popular on the island.


thank goodness someone mentioned tailgating. Just as dangerous as speeding. Remember, “Only a fool breaks the two second rule”


There used to be a slogan on boards on roundabouts and beside some roads (mainland and maybe here) It said “BETTER ARRIVE LATE THAN DEAD ON TIME”

Richard Collins

This is what happens when you cut the police force so much. People loose focus and drive as they please. The police just do not have the time to pull over anyone they see driving poorly to ‘have a word’. Instead just have to wait for them to have an accident. Re tests every 10 years would also help to stop people developing bad habits, like jumping red lights. But that would cost money and the ruling elite will hate to spend money on the people, we’re only here to make them rich.

Stephen Cook

One of the reasons why my wife and I decided to relocate to the Isle of Wight in 1998 was that the whole pace of life seemed to be far more laid back. Nowadays alas, many people seem to drive in much the same manner as they would if they were on the mainland. Island roads are for the most part narrow, undulating and full of bends. There is the added hazard of people riding horses and bicycles and both of these factors need to be allowed for if we are to avoid accidents. The furthest distance that we can… Read more »

Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w

Sue Salter

No matter how much you argue that speed is not a factor …..if you make a mistake or someone else does, then impacting onto another vehicle at speed will make your chances of avoiding injury or survival much lower…these Island roads are not suitable for the kind of driving I have seen, and because cars are so powerful now with turbo boost for example and much bigger vehicles, it is very easy to want to make use of their capability….not good on the Isle of Wight for sure.


There was a time when the only real driving issues on the Island were getting stuck behind cars going too slow – it’s now gone the other way with everyone seeming to be in a rush.

Beeper Shute in the evening is like a race track


That’s a little confusing that statement because I know 3 customers that were travelling that all went to hospital?


As you’re all such experts on the problems and solutions on our roads perhaps, rather than ranting about it on here, you should all get together to plan and fund a scheme that will make our island a drivers utopia!


We do fund a scheme that is meant to make Island roads safer…it’s called the council and police!


CamB – I realise this about the island and appreciate that it’s a very difficult job to achieve for all those involved. My point was that none of these comments show any support, only criticism.

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