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Jane HawksleyA woman from the Isle of Wight has been recognised as an ‘unsung hero’ by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health for her work to support mothers who breastfeed their babies. 

Jane Hawksley, who works as a lactation consultant including visiting the Island’s children’s centres, was nominated by Isle of Wight Council public health officer Danika Barber to receive the recognition from Jane Ellison MP.

The event at the House of Commons was to recognise the hard work by people from across the country who make a real difference to the lives of others, often without recognition.

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Jane received a certificate from the MP during the event. She said:

“It was a wonderful day and very humbling to be recognised among many other great projects around the country. I want to thank Danika for making the nomination, which came as a wonderful surprise.”

Danika Barber, who made the nomination, got to know Jane while bringing up her own children and felt the recognition was well deserved, adding:

“I breastfed both my children for over a year and the support and advice Jane gave me in those early days was crucial in giving me the confidence to continue.

“Getting the right support at the right time can make a huge difference to mums’ experiences of breastfeeding.”

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Councillor Phil Jordan said:

“I offer my sincere congratulations to Jane on receiving the recognition, and also to Danika for making the nomination.

“Jane is an example of those people who strive to make a real difference and this recognition is something for her to be rightly proud of.”

Other individuals from the Isle of Wight were also nominated, including Carol O’Brien and Ann Selby from Shorwell Netball club, Sue Groves and Mary Lavery from Wootton Baby and Toddler Group, Megan Jones from the Island’s Substance Misuse Service, and Sarah Fretwell from Chartwells School Meals.

They each received a letter of thanks from the minister.

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