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Children and young people can once again look forward to a range of free healthy activities throughout the Summer holidays.

Organisations across the Island are coming together to offer activities for 5 to 16-year-olds as part of the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme, which also guarantees a nutritious meal.

Free places are available for children and young people who receive benefits-related free school meals and on a paid-for basis as well. Some places are also available for other vulnerable families. But with limited spaces for many of the activities, families should book soon to avoid disappointment.

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The Summer programme has a fantastic range of activities on offer including tennis and football coaching, multi-sport games, animal care, theatre skills and arts and crafts.

For more information about eligibility, see the council’s holiday activities webpages.

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21 days ago

Disgusting. IF you can’t afford to feed your children then use free contraception.

The more these selfish ignorant parents (but usually declare themselves a parent ( to up the income) are given, the more copy thus seeing themselves as the ‘victims’ NOT. as most are ‘the cause’ of their alleged poverty.

I will bet most are better off than many working people.

Publish their income and outgoing for all to know.

Qwerty King
Qwerty King
Reply to  Bluto
20 days ago

Wow! There must be immense joy around the dinner table in your house at mealtimes Bluto……..or are you just very lonely?

Reply to  Bluto
16 days ago

So what happens when a working family member falls ill and can no longer work? What happens when someone gets made redundant? The system is in place to help these people until they find other work or sort something out. I don’t know 1 person (apart from the crack heads and pissheads walking around) that want to be on benefits taking hand outs. It’s sad the country has got to the point where 2 parents work full time jobs but still need help to meet monthly payments.


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