When you place a bet, you’re not going to win at all times. There are days when you’re just lucky. However, one thing’s for sure: you don’t want to lose as much as you can. Aside from your reputation as a bettor, losing on your bets will put your money at stake, especially when you’re already on a losing streak.

You have to know that bettors must be smart, too. Every pick has to come from a decisive move. Remember, you bet because you want to gain money through winning. So, here are five helpful betting strategies to improve your win rate in football bets. Some of these are flexible and can be applied to other sports’ betting games.

Back and Lay

Backing a bet is what you’re doing in the whole sports gamble area. You pick your bets with your chosen online betting site, one that is trusted and offers accurate information. Meanwhile, laying a bet is bookmakers’ duty. The rest of the possible outcomes from the bookie’s laid pick will be the bookie’s win.

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However, before making a bet, ensure that you have the latest information about the current odds. You must base it on data that is up to date, such as FanDuel’s sportsbook futures, to make the most of your bets.

This strategy’s significance is to minimize any risk you may encounter and to look for a bet that’s paying out winners at a better rate than it should, which is called the value. Keep a keen eye for finding the value and catching bets that have provided longer odds. This is actually a good strategy, and you will surely gain more profit once you do this as accurately as possible.

The profit you will gain from this strategy may be small, but it ensures you that you’ll still earn profit no matter what the outcome will be. This is also called arbitrage betting.

Kelly Criterion

Kelly Criterion is a scientific approach to gambling wherein the bet sizing might lead you to a much higher monetary gain in the long run. The system is still dependent on the bettor’s skill in finding value and examining probability. However, the key is to lessen the possible risk by extracting maximum value. Like value betting, it has a formula to be followed, so you need to research this strategy.

The strategy has two variations: the full Kelly Criterion and the fractional version. Each has its formula to assess the bankroll percentage to bet. However, the former has risky characteristics since it cannot secure the bankroll growth, while the latter decreases the Kelly stake’s size that can protect your budget but has smaller returns. Thus, the fractional version is the recommended one.

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Value Betting

This could be one of the essential strategies in football betting. Value betting is not something a novice in examining the ratio of possible outcomes will do. A placed bet can either win or lose, which is the same thing for this strategy. Remember that your primary card is your value bet, so you need to have great skill in analyzing outcome chances, finding the value, and applying it precisely.

Remember that a value bet is not constant. It highly depends on the condition you’re in and on the bookie’s provided variable. It depends on the inaccuracies made by the bookmaker. With these inaccuracies, you have to develop a value bet that has a higher ratio of winning than the bookie has given it.

In other words, you must be attentive to the bookie’s inaccuracies and immediately take advantage of these mistakes. With the right mathematical assessments and calculations, you will surely obtain a long-term benefit of gaining profit, which is the advantage of using this strategy.

Value betting is all about math, making it challenging to apply in reality with accuracy. Research and practice are the keys to fully utilize it. But once you succeed, you’ll profit much bigger than you expected.

Live Betting Strats

Live betting or in-play betting is getting popular nowadays. Online betting sites have been competent enough to produce many betting options for loyal bettors. Successful in-play bettors are innovative in coming up with new approaches based on attentiveness to small details.

Live betting is flexible since your bets are purely based on the current condition of the game. This is a great advantage to them. One in-play strat is cashing out, where you can say goodbye early with your profit by withdrawing the bet early before the game concludes. Many are using this to avoid the risks despite the small profits.


Despite these practical strategies in gaining wins in football bets, you have to know that these can’t assure you a 100% chance at victory. The consistent study, research, and practice can only guarantee experience and knowledge that you can utilize to win more frequently and lose less often. Betting is not only about taking risks but also about accepting the outcomes of taking these risks.

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