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islandwastecctvdangerousdrivingVIDEO: A joint initiative has been launched between local Police and the Island’s waste collection provider in an attempt to cut the number of driving incidents which pose a risk to workers.

Hampshire Constabulary and Island Waste Services have joined forces to promote road safety after CCTV footage captured by waste vehicles shows a number of incidents of dangerous driving whilst staff are collecting rubbish bins across the Isle of Wight.

The footage has shockingly revealed drivers mounting pavements, driving too close and even shouting abuse at collection workers.

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Rob Brooker, Island Waste Services municipal manager said:

“Refuse collections are a vital part of everyday life on the Isle of Wight and the vast majority of drivers are courteous and drive safely past our vehicles and staff. However, there have been occasions where impatient drivers have not only risked their safety, but those of others and our staff. Whilst residents are aware that the refuse collection vehicles will hold up the traffic not all are willing to wait patiently for our staff to go about their work.”

“As far as possible our collections are scheduled for most convenient time to avoid busy roads and areas around schools in the morning and afternoon. But sometimes traffic can get held up.  All we are asking is for people to stay calm be patient and let our staff do their job.”

The new initiative has been put in place to ensure the dangerous driving recorded will be reported formally to local police, meaning offenders could face fines, community service or even court prosecution.

Sergeant Dave Sanderson from the Isle of Wight’s Roads Policing Unit said:

“Our refuse workers are an essential part of our community. I am astonished by the impatience of many drivers and the blatant disregard to their own safety and that of Island Waste Services staff. The highest risk is drivers passing either side of the truck too fast and without due care and attention often being abusive and insulting.”

“Our Roads Policing Unit is committed to working with Island Waste Services to collect evidence and prosecute drivers. We have already issued a number of fixed penalty notices and several drivers are being taken to court.”

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