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UPDATED: Around 10,000 homes in the Newport area are expected to lose water in the next few of hours as a result of the ongoing water supply issue on the Isle of Wight.

As previously reported by Island Echo, Southern Water are set to shut off the main supply due to a serious issue with the reservoir at Carisbrooke. It is said that the reservoir has a number of ‘cracked pipes’ surrounding it.

According to Bob Seely MP, 3 water carriers each holding 13,000 litres of water are en-route to the Island as part of the contingency plan put in place between Southern Water and the Local Resilience Forum. That equates to just 4 litres of water per household.

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Emergency meetings have been held between the Isle of Wight Council, Police, the Fire Service and other partner agencies this evening as they assess the severity of the situation. It wasn’t until gone 19:00 that an official statement was given, despite the incident first being flagged with Island Echo at 15:00.

Postcodes of affected areas are set to be published shortly alongside a list of water distribution points – information will be published on this article

Locals are being urged to check on friends and neighbours – especially if vulnerable.

The Isle of Wight Council has set up an dedicated telephone line for anyone who is concerned: 01983 823426.

UPDATE SUNDAY @ 06:26 – No updates have been issued to the press or public overnight, leaving many confused as to the current situation.

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The Isle of Wight Council’s dedicated emergency number closed during the night and is expected to re-open at 07:00.

UPDATE @ 08:52 – Bob Seely has this morning confirmed that the mains supply is unlikely to be lost prior to midday and that any cut will be at 4 hours notice.

Tankers and supplies of bottled water have arrived on the Island and are currently being moved to standby points.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, Police, the Maritime Volunteer Service and Southern Water have all gathered at Gunville, whilst other resources standby at County Hall and Newport Football Club.

Southern Water and the Isle of Wight Coumcil are yet to provide a formal update.

UPDATE @ 10:16 – Due to the severity of the situation, Island Echo has now begun live updates at

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