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1 new confirmed case of COVID-19 has been identified on the Isle of Wight – the first new case since 14th June.

The total number of cases of coronavirus locally now sits at 203 – a rise of just 1 from 202. Since the beginning of June, that number has risen by just 4 cases out of a population of over 140,000.

The infection rate is said to be 143.4. This figure is different from the reproduction rate (R), which was previously estimated to be around 0.4 – but is likely to be lower now.

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A total of 82 people have now died from the virus – 3 at home, 39 in hospital and 39 in care homes, with 1 death at the hospice. There have been no new deaths since 5th June.

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Inbred iowter

Where what town this is an important bit of info missing from this report don’t you think.

Ed Down

Why so you can move house? Just assume its your next door neighbor, that’s what I do


We should be told what area, that’s not a confidentiality issue , wonder why we’re not being told

Ed Down

If it can get from China to the IOW I don’t think it makes much difference really

Jim Britton

As the others are saying – if this really is a new case that was caught on the Island, there are others circulating out there with the disease. Could we at least know where they think they caught it?


203 Known cases !

Dave Miller

WOW ! What a massive jump !!!!

Paul Smith

Wow ! It took just 1 chinese to start this pandemic and kill half a million people world wide. 1 person increase on the Island is a potential disaster. Yes massive!


Just wait until all the tourists start to arrive after the 4th July, they will be crowding our lovely Island beaches bringing more Covid cases along with them


According to some islanders it’s never been here.


It’s surely common sense that we need to know the area of a confirmed case so that we can avoid that area and stay safe!


The sun is out, life is getting back to normal rejoice that there is only one further case of covid

mr justice

Pmsl, life getting back to normal!.? Remember that when you go into a pub or restaurant. The life you had before this bs virus, will never come back! Unless……….but that won’t happen ,to many sheep people.


Wait for Wave 2, Europe is becoming a real Hot Spot CV19 Not going away soon.


!st new case of many I expect. Many more more people over from the mainland over here now. It will rise, probably next week. Be ready.

Paul Smith

Its vital we have the track and trace information on this new case. We were doing so well -was it a ferry import? Why is this information being withheld and by whom? Our hospitality business must know so that they can be confident in the lockdown easing process.


If social distancing had been maintained and advice that was given by Public Health England carried through by everyone, we wouldn’t need to know where this confirmed case was. Why is it people cant use there common sense, people seem to think that they won’t get it, but you can, si social distance, wash hands wear a mask they and protect yourselves.


i go to the iow every but not this year, after seeing all the idiots at dorset beaches imagine what it will be like at sandown and ventnor. hope to see you next year.


Why all these stupid comments about where it is. If they said Newport what difference would it make. If everybody keeps doing the right things it makes no difference. As a foot note please old ladies do adhere to the rules you walk around as if nothing is going on.


Only takes one, then there will be three etc. etc. Too many are being complacent in adhering to the advice and social distancing. I just wish the government would stipulate in any enclosed area like supermarkets, retail shops etc masks should be used, and not limit to use only on public transport, although a few idiots on the Hover Travel didn’t feel the need as “We haven’t got Covid-19 so why should we?” echoed through the craft. I do hope the police threw the book at them whoever they were.

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