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Covid-19 has caused the world a huge array of problems. Our lives have changed beyond anything we have seen before. We have been forced to keep our distance from loved ones, wash our hands more, and wear face masks. However, with infections increasing, lockdowns have been implemented to help reduce cases. So, with this in mind, what can we do during a lockdown? Experts at the https://www.beyondthecharter.com/ have gathered some solutions for you.

Have Quizzes Using Video Apps

Fortunately, technology allows us to keep in touch with people. As we have been forced to stay at home, even at the safest locations, social interactions have been reduced. Still, video apps have given us the ability to see loved ones and friends. As this current pandemic hasn’t been fun, using video apps to chat can give us hope and some form of excitement. One common theme that’s keeping people entertained is the ability to host quizzes using apps such as Zoom. With a quiz host arranging the questions, you can have themed quizzes with music rounds, video rounds and puzzles. Each team will earn points and it’s possible to create a league whereby you compete weekly or maybe daily. A quiz is not just a load of fun but it gives people the opportunity to connect and spend time with each other, even if it isn’t in person.

Catch up on Boxsets

With so many shows currently available to watch, under normal circumstances, finding the time to watch them all can prove challenging. However, with lockdown hanging over us, we now have time to explore those boxsets that we want to enjoy. You can binge-watch your favourite shows using many of the streaming services that are available. You can catch up on titles you have missed and you can watch old shows that you loved when they were first released. In fact, it’s possible to go one step further and watch all the movies you love as well as those that you need to watch again! Watching movies and boxsets enables us to immerse ourselves into a unique world where we can forget about the current situation for a little while.

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Meet People Online

The great thing about technology is the way it connects us. With apps such as WhatsApp, we can chat with friends and family with no hassle. There are other tools available too, enabling us to meet new people. If loneliness is causing you problems then online dating is a great option for filling time during lockdown. With a wide choice of apps available, you can fulfil your desires and meet new people. Whether it’s chatting for fun or looking for something serious, it’s simple to discover a new world of excitement. With new singles looking for connections online, you can spend time sitting at home and meet potential loved ones on the Web. With the hope of a vaccine and light at the end of the tunnel, it’s possible to arrange dates and meetups. The simple process of downloading apps, searching for people and sending messages gives lockdown a new meaning!

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