As the peak of COVID-19 is over in the UK, England cricket team players may be back in the nets next week. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Est Indies (CWI) are in talks to reschedule the three tests that were mean to gets played. The series could start as early as in the first week of July.

Right now, the venues are being decided for the training of the cricket team squad. Moreover, county coaches and staff will join the team as well.  The government and the board have issued a guideline for the team and the staff to follow during the training as players cannot risk being careless.

The main focus will be the bowlers as they will go through a rigorous routine to get in shape and stay ready for the upcoming series. The coach, physio, and strength and conditioning coach will be supporting the bowlers to ensure the best performance against the Carribeans.

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The other players will start practice a week later. The name of the squad has yet to get revealed. But we can expect the star players to return for the series. England will try to maintain their good form and finish the series on a high.

Ashley Giles has assured that the practice sessions will be ‘safe than going to the supermarket.’Players will ensure all the precautionary measures while gearing up for the upcoming event. The team management is leaving no stones unturned to facilitate the team. It goes from taking care of their hygiene to having a close check on their diet to enable them to be at their very best after months without any game.

Players may go for a more organic approach in preparing themselves for the series to boost immunity. Cibdol is an excellent option for the players as far as CDB oils are concerned. The high-quality products will be beneficial for several reasons and are a must-have for athletes.

Players may not be comfortable coming back on the pitch as the global risk persists. Nevertheless, this will encourage other cricket boards to start the delayed series – with certain alterations – to start again during the next couple of months.

With all that has been going on, this series can be a good reason for the world to have something on their TV screens while they continue the ‘stay home’ initiative. Like every other industry, the sports industry has been one of the most badly hit industries during the COVID-19.

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It will be a great step towards the revival of cricket around the world. The approach should be to learn to live in this post-COVID-19 world. However, this is yet to get decided if the stadium will be open to the public or not.

It will be fitting that this revival will have two of the most cricket-loving nations going head to head. With the green light to this series, we can expect to see more teams on the ground soon.

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