On Valentine’s Day, we all have a chance to show those we love just how important they are to us. This gift guide will help you shower your significant other and those you love with presents you know they will love but may not justify buying for themselves. For him or her, our gift guide has you covered.


Red roses are considered the most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day as they are symbolic of passionate love. To make these special as Valentine’s day gifts, choose red roses that are preserved for a lifetime, so your love will never wane. From a single rose stem to a set of rose petal jewellery inlaid with diamonds, choose any colour you know she will adore.

Comedy store

Gift tickets to a live comedy show to enjoy a night of laughs. This could be a local club or take a city break and travel to a city to see some of the biggest names in comedy. If this is not possible, pack the kids off to bed early and have a night streaming some of the best recorded shows to enjoy at home with your favourite snacks and beverages.

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Make a dream come true

If there is something your beloved has always wanted to do, make this dream come true. If he has always wanted to be a race car driving, sign them up to a racing school. If they want to learn to play the guitar, help them fulfill the dream gifting them everything they need, including lessons with a tutor locally or online.

Make it personal

Your gift should clearly be from you, rather than some generic gift that can be found in most supermarkets. A personal gift could be one that you have created, such as a knitted sweater, or another unique item.  This could be a great photograph of the two of you taken in the last year that you have framed to match the home décor, with a personal message etched on the frame or written on the reverse.

For those working away

Many people are unable to be with their loved one on Valentine’s Day due to working away. Whilst the internet and video calls can keep us in touch daily, there is nothing so special as having an album of shared memories. Create an album of your favourite photos, including pets, hobbies, past vacations and anything else that celebrates your connections and memories that make up your lives together.  Leave some blank pages for future cards and photographs.

Delicious dishes

Whilst it is not entirely clear who coined the phrase “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, it is true that delicious food is delightful. Steer clear of the standard box of chocolates that you can pick up from the garage on the way home from work and think of something really special.  These could be unusual treats like bacon truffles, or they may enjoy a hamper of goods from their childhood that they no longer have easy access to.

Subscription gifts

Subscription gifts keep on giving. A gift will arrive on their doorstep each month for three, six or 12 months. This could be a subscription to a specific industry or interest magazine, a craft club full of ideas of things to make in a few weeks, a crate of drinks from a winery, distillery or coffee merchant, or some fashion items to enjoy ahead of them being rolled out in the high street.

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