Lockdown has been able to give a chance to everyone to have this family time together. Before Covid-19 scenario life had become so fast that it was difficult to spend time with one another. However, the situation has taken a drastic turn.

Most of the people are sitting back and returning back to the traditional way of leading lives. Going out for games has now become a long-forgotten dream. People have become more inclined towards indoor games and exploring online heart bing promotions.

It is the right approach since we are not in a position to take any risk. Currently, many countries are working on Covid-19 vaccine. However, proven results are still not available.

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Latest updates regarding Covid-19 vaccine

Recently, China approved its first vaccine for Covid-19. The Chinese vaccine got its approval after some initial successful trials. Apparently, the Chinese vaccine promises a success rate of about 79%. The best part is that the Chinese Government is willing to provide the vaccine to the public free of cost.

It is undoubtedly a generous move because people who cannot afford the vaccine can go for the free version with confidence.

However, the US is still racing with time when it comes to the Corona vaccine. The terrifying part is that the Covid variant has been able reach a second state in the US.

Immediate measures are a dire requirement to save people from the Covid variant horror. The worse part is that the prisons and jails in the US have experienced a surge in the Corona cases.

The United Kingdom has also experienced a drastic increase in the Corona cases. People have been warned to stay indoors and not celebrate New Year parties. The reason is that intermingling can lead to further spread of the virus.

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Most of the major hospitals in England have a huge number of Corona patients. The worse part is that the number of patients is more in the hospital in comparison to the first wave. The positive part is that the United Kingdom has already started to vaccinate the public.

There is no denying the fact that the second wave of the virus is far more dangerous. Discretion is the better part of valor. We as public need to cooperate with the Government. We have to follow all the SOPs. The benefit of this practice is that the efforts can help to control the spread of the virus.

It can be hoped that when the maximum number of people will be vaccinated, then it will reduce the number of Covid patients. The results of the Vaccine will then be evident. Apparently, it seems that all the major research centers of the world are looking into a solution for Covid.

We all want a disease-free world. However, we need to be patient. It is crucial to fight the battle with Covid bravely The results will be worth it and eventually we will get rid of this virus for good. Till then it is better to follow all the precautions.

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