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New house building in The Solent hit a hitch in November 2019 when house builders were faced with stringent new chemical regulations. With the government set to invest £3.9 in a nitrate trading platform, Development Finance Today wager that new builds will once again see a boom in the area as builders can act with new confidence. With an influx in new contractor work comes a flood of opportunity to the area, and this can be something to take advantage of in your own home with remodelling. Before embarking on the remodelling journey, it’s important to take stock of a few factors.

Do it yourself?

Much home modelling can now be completed by those who are comfortable with DIY. Whereas many skilled trades were learned knowledge exclusive to vocational courses as recently as 20 years ago, the internet has now opened up a massive treasure trove of knowledge to would-be handymen and women. Indeed, papers like Surrey Live have highlighted the importance of looking to get it done with family before looking to contractors. Simply put, many jobs are far easier  even ones perceived as complex. When looking to overhaul a bathroom or kitchen, for example, the process of tiling has been made easier by the availability of knowledge on how to tile showers, wet rooms and backsplashes, and also the availability of high quality goods at the likes of B&Q and Homebase.

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Quality contractors

As home building ramps up and contractors are more active on the Isle, you’ll have lower prices from the competition that builds up as a result. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality is necessarily there. Opt for tried and tested contractors that have good reviews online, or even better, great local reputation. Contracting remains one of the professions that directly benefit from being active in a local community. You can see for yourself good quality work by looking at jobs previously completed, and by looking through a portfolio; this is something that often beats the online angle.

A progressive job

Consider also the benefits you will reap from a home update, and factor that into your planning. UK house prices have reached new highs through July and August despite this year’s events, according to The Guardian, and so it’s important that you capitalise. Unfortunately, poorly managed renovations can knock value off a house price, whereas good quality work rarely adds much value at all. Look for good work that also reflects timeless styles; don’t opt for materials that will degrade quickly, or styles and fashions that are too blunt and have the habit of going out of style.

Of course, if you’re not planning on ever selling up, this is all moot. In those situations you can gladly set up your home however you like. Still make sure the work quality you’re contracting is good, however, for your own peace of mind.

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As the Isle continues to renovate, your home can match that too. There has seldom been a better time for renovations given the current economic climate and the availability of contractors in the Solent area. Take advantage if you’ve been planning on making those big changes to your home.

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