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Photo: Councillor Whitehouse analysing completed survey forms

Responses to a survey on the ‘parking nightmare’ situation in an area of Newport are now flooding in and reveal an “absolutely miserable personal performance rating for the Council Leader, Jonathan Bacon” claims local ward councillor, Chris Whitehouse.

Just before Christmas a form requesting resident’s views on the situation, as previously reported by Island Echo, was sent to every household in the Newport West Ward – 1,250 homes in total.

Cllr Whitehouse explained:

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“Parking in Wellington Road, Hinton Road, Purdy Road, Fieldfare Road and other local side roads is an absolute nightmare not just at school run time, but throughout the day. Buses are mounting pavements to get around parked vehicles and it’s only a matter of time before somebody is killed or seriously injured in the chaos.

“Local Conservatives arranged the delivery of a survey to all 1,250 homes in the ward and the replies are now flooding in expressing the anger of local residents at the inaction by Council Leader Bacon.”

Local residents have another 2 weeks to drop their completed survey forms into the local newsagent in Wellington Road, True Wight News, but already a pattern is emerging, says Councillor Whitehouse:

“One question asked local residents to score from 0 to 10 their view of the performance of Councillor Bacon in handling this crisis. The dozens of completed forms already returned award Cllr Bacon an absolutely miserable score of less than 1 [0.89] out of 10 for his personal performance in handling this crisis.

“Other questions are more open, asking for residents’ wider views so will take longer to analyse, but Cllr Bacon should hang his head in shame at this initial result. More importantly he should get something done before he has a death or serious injury on his conscience.

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“Local residents will be furious if we don’t have significantly more parking enforcement officers and police on duty during the new term”

Cllr Whitehouse adds:

“A full report on the responses to the survey will be prepared in two weeks’ time”.

The online petition is also still open for signatures at

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