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StoneCrabs Theatre brings its latest production ‘Utter Mess!’ to the Isle of Wight with 3 performances at Ventnor Fringe on Friday 29th July and Saturday 30th July, and Bar 74 on Sunday 31st July.

“Utter mess!” is a collaboration with Busu Theatre from Tokyo. Director Franko Figueiredo returns to the Island from rehearsals in Japan with this funny but thought-provoking show, which captures the post-pandemic mood. Following on from ‘The Trial’ in 2019 and ‘Busu And The Damask Drum,’ ‘Utter Mess!’ features the critically acclaimed Inês Sampaio and Etsuko Shirasaka in a show that mixes theatre, live music, clowning, and magic.

In a search for meaning and connection, a company of artists end up in Tokyo’s Museum of Lost Things, a curious place where nothing is remembered forever. Exploring what we remember and what we forget – ‘Utter Mess!’ is about how we connect with others and ourselves.

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Ines And Ecco 2.

This is a play within a play; embrace the chaos when performers from the UK and Japan meet in Tokyo to devise an absurd enigmatic clown performance; they can’t foresee the challenges they’ll face: loss of a place, of a culture, of a memory, of a loved one.

They immerse themselves in this new reality and – as they do – they just cannot recall the details of the meaning of life; why they do things, and the reasons for doing things. Their lives become about taking pictures, shooting reels, creating stories, and posting every detail of their daily routines all over social media; they can’t really tell what is what and, what the point of anything is – all they do is perform.

In their search for meaning and connection, they end up in the Museum of Lost Things, a place of magic – where the magic always goes wrong, where nothing is remembered forever, and it is all a complete and utter mess. Yet, much like life itself, if you surrender to the chaos, it can also be magical, funny, and blissful.

Tickets for the Ventnor Fringe performances are available via What’s On – Ventnor Fringe (  and for Bar 74 via Eventbrite: Utter Mess! Tickets, Sun 31 Jul 2022 at 19:00 | Eventbrite.

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