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Where ever you live it’s important to keep yourself updated on the newest news. Many people assume that this is due to the worldwide pandemic, but under any given circumstances you should always be up to date, virus or not. On this site you are able to learn more about Island of Wight, including the Corona-virus spread, sports and current events.

Find a way to kill time whilst being inside

Our world is amazing and something is constantly happening. We are very well aware that you can’t stay on top of everything all the time, but you it is your responsibility to know what is happening where you live, and if it has an impact on you and your everyday life. If you live in or near Island of Wight you will always be able to find the newest- and breaking stories, so stay tuned. We give you the small and the big news. Corona virus is still one of our major news every day, since it is highly talked about all around the world and it is still spreading. The first death from coronavirus since June has been recorded in a total of 88 deaths. This is of course, big news, since it appears to be going the wrong way. Many people do take the virus very seriously and try to stay indoors as much as possible, which will ultimately help kill the virus, because it won’t be able to spread if no ones there to carry it. However, being inside for too long can drive anyone insane, so make sure that you have something to do with your time, or at least something that you are looking forward to, and that helps keep you motivated. If you’ve already read all the latest news and you know need to kill some time, you can find the latest slots here. Online casino games are a great way of killing time and providing entertainment.

Keep yourself occupied, and talk to someone if needed

If you’re not into online casino games, it can be a good thing to think about what you are looking forward to in the future. Even though the world is strange at the moment it won’t be like this forever, so why not figure out what you want to do, once everything starts going back to normal again? You could write down what you would want to do around Island of Wight once everything is allowed and open again. Many of the things on that site are actually available to do right now, so if you have some days off, or seek something fun to do, Island of Wight is the perfect place to be. Even though you are still allowed to go out and about, its not everyone who enjoys this, since the pandemic started. If you have self-isolated due to health issues, you may be feeling lonely and anxious right now. If that’s the case, you should consider talking to someone about how you feel and what you’re thoughts are. It can really help to get through a tough time. Take good care of yourself during this crazy time.

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