wightlinkislanders040620133The Island Speedway Support Group (ISSG), formed to try and bring back speedway to the Isle of Wight, have run out of time in their bid to run speedway on the Island in 2015. 

Despite getting the full backing of the Board of Island Speedway (IOW) Ltd, the Group have failed to get all the necessary finance in place to cover the unique problems associated with running speedway on the Island.

The Group had already allocated substantial funds for increased advertising and marketing initiatives, but the overall costs proved too much to bear within its own resources at this stage and so reluctantly it has had to make the unpalatable decision not to run in 2015 which, of course, is extremely disappointing for the many fans on the Island and mainland who have enjoyed their speedway at this unique location.

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With the enlarged number of teams and southern geographical bias of the National League, spectator numbers from away teams like Eastbourne and Rye House and possibly Lakeside, could have increased gate numbers significantly, so the Group was relishing the prospect of National League participation in 2015. However that is now on hold with planning starting in the New Year for the 2016 season.

Kevin Shepherd, former Promoter, Team Manager and member of the ISSG had already been contacted by several riders wanting to ride and it was likely that he would be able to put together an exciting team but he now has the task of informing those riders that next year is not possible.

It is the view of the Group however that the additional time created can be put to good use to ensure that the ideas devised by the Group to improve attendances and local interest can be worked on without the pressure of getting a team on track and sorting out everything that goes with running a speedway meeting.

This venture cannot be run as a hobby by a rich benefactor and has to be self sustaining, and the Group believes that with the right approach, speedway will again be successful on the Island, bringing pride back to a club that can boast of having a former World Champion as a previous team member.

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