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pughelectionFormer Isle of Wight Council leader David Pugh has had his claims against the Island’s MP rejected by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, it has been revealed. 

Calls for Mr Pugh to be expelled from the Conservative group have been made after he accused Andrew Turner MP of wrongly claiming expenses relating to Additional Costs Allowance and Personal Additional Accommodation Allowance. It was said that Mr Turner wrongly designated his London address as his main home in 2004.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Mrs Kathryn Hudson has said that it appears to her that efforts are being made by David Pugh to use the work of her office as a way of trying to resolve internal difficulties at a local political level. Mrs Hudson has added that she considers this would be a misuse of the standards system set up by the House of Commons.

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In a letter shown to Island Echo, Mrs Hudson notes that Mr Pugh has given assurances that he has no intention of misusing the standards system for political purposes.

Commenting on the news, Cllr Chris Whitehouse has today said:

“This is damning criticism.

“In British political life abuse of Parliament is one of the most serious allegations that can be brought. David Pugh has sunk to new depths in not letting this rejection of his claim be known.

“He is clearly bringing the Conservative Party into disrepute and should expelled.”

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