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A 31-year-old man from Shanklin has been arrested after a number of Police officers were assaulted during an incident in Ryde yesterday evening (Saturday).

Officers responded to School Street, Oakfield at just before 18:00 following reports of a disturbance at a residential address.

Island Echo understands that whilst dealing with the incident a female officer suffered a suspected broken nose, whilst a second male officer is said to have sustained a bite to the hand. A third officer was also assaulted.

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A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has told Island Echo:

“We were called at a disturbance at an address in School Street, Ryde, just before 6pm yesterday (April 4).

“Officers attended and a 31-year-old man from Shanklin was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and three counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty.

“He remains in custody”.

UPDATE @ 17:55 – 31-year-old Robert Church has been charged with 4 offences. He has been remanded in custody to appear before the court tomorrow. Read more at https://www.islandecho.co.uk/shanklin-man-charged-with-injuring-3-police-officers-in-ryde/.

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Darren Street

This is absolutely disgusting , Shame on this man (if he can be callled this) for one hitting a woman ! And also biting someone ! He should be given a long hard prison sentence and a tougher sentence based on the times we are all in. This man’s selfish actions have likely caused the police officer/s involved to now be off sick and our streets need the police at this time.

Dan Skelton

Oh he’ll have his solicitor turn around and say he was raised in a dodgy place, has a drug addiction he’s trying to manage, and has been in and out of this and that. Then they’ll just slap him with a fine. I’d say community service too but given the current situation with the virus I doubt he’ll get community service.


I dont think you should be writing stuff like that till u actually know the full story and the person so mind your own business

Opinions Matter

Reply to Kelly, no matter what the reason, a real man would not hit a woman, makes it worse he assaulted police officers. Ignorant, disrespectful low life this person is. There is a world wide pandemic and yes this deadly virus is on the island, police don’t need idiots like him kicking off. Hope he gets what’s coming to him, a long stretch at her Majestie’s pleasure.

Dan Skelton

@Kelly I’m assuming you are related to this person, judging by your comment. In which case, I won’t mind mind my own business.


Just breeding the next ever more vile generation to ensure the degradation of society grows ever worse. Cut child UC to the bone, as this sort usually have the most ensuring a growing disproportionate amount of ever more low life to normal caring, people in our society. Labour’s mistake, is thinking it is lack of money, that makes them so anit social, but in truth, giving more cash ensures they just breed more ever worse clones, thinking that ‘their way’ of living, as ‘they are doing alright’ ‘is’ the correct way of carrying on. A real period of poverty would… Read more »


Disgusting to hit a police officer and that should ALWAYS be a long custodial – but equal ops and equal pay so the sex is irrelevant.
If it were any other dog acting like this it would be put down. Simples.

Original Mark

Whilst I agree the need for the police to be able to do their job in safety there are too few facts here to jump to conclusions. There is a reason why there are international laws in place severely limiting the use of 24 hour confinement – in addition to medical affects, confinement causes stress and, eventually, psychological damage. I’m afraid that this will be one of the first of many such incidents as the lockdown continues and tempers start to fray. It’s also sad to see the level of abuse that is being posted – shoot someone in the… Read more »

Stay at home

Don’t you get it? Decent people have had enough. For years now we have had to be afraid to speak out, the do-good brigade have silenced anyone who dares to mention the bad behviour of scum. So the scum have got more and more prevalant. They breed like rabbits anyway so there seems to be more of them around than there are decent people. We have had to suffer in silence for so long, without a voice, whereas the trash have got social reformers and do-gooders sticking up for them at every turn.

West wighter

Well said Darren, every word.
Just give me 10 minutes with the scum bag!!
Well done to the police for what you shouldn’t have to deal with.
Great respect to you all and the NHS


5 years isolation me thinks for this young man.


5 years looks good to me. But I would not call him a young man at 31

Bear Grylls

Not acting it though is he Lynne


What a low life unbelievable some people


Scum bag 1st class golden scum bag….

allan cox

Stern measures needed now.10 years minimum for this sort of behaviour in these times.My best wishes to the officers injured


Dreggs like these should be dealt with in the old fashion way….dropped off a cliff


He’s not a man, only a coward hits a woman.
He’s a disgrace, what goes around comes around..
What ever happened to respect for our Police.

Terry Kirkby

There are Scum and there are total scum in this World and whilst all our attention is drawn to pulling together and getting behind the NHS Police and bereaved families this person decides to be a total idiot and not only injure our Police officers who were called as a result of someone in distress “probably a young lady” he took it to assault a WPC in breaking her nose! Well what a hero he is and his family and friends will be so proud of him! yes punish him with jail but also plaster his name up so everyone… Read more »

Judge Jefferies

Just shoot the waste of space in the back of the head & do society a favour! There is no hope for vermin like this. Just do us all a favour get rid of scum like this!


If any “do gooder’s” try to excuse this behaviour they need urgent psychiatric assessment.


What a big man ! Assaulting a policewoman , put him up against a real man and he’d run a mile


Wild animal, he should be in a cage..

Stay at home

Insulting to wild animals, Clare, but I agree with your sentiment. I’d go one better and say euathanise him and all like him. No doubt the do-good brigade will be saying he has drug or alcohol ‘problems’ and/or mental illness, anyone with mental health problems but who don’t turn to drink and drugs is not even taken seriously by the do-gooders anyway.


The point being, if he is mental, then best put down, as likely incurable. If he is just evil, best put down as still incurable.

Marc hughes



What a piece of shit to hit a woman big big man I can post my address if he thinks he’s such a gangster he could then pop round then we can see for ourselves what a hard man he is by the time I had finished he would not even look at a woman let alone rise his hands to one oh my days these people p…..ss me off

Bob Frapples

If a dog bites someone it gets put down

Tina allen

Why was he, from Shanklin, in Ryde for starters? Keep the scum locked up for a few years. Should know better at his age anyway. I hope wpc is ok


I bet he doesn’t live in School Road. In the good old days the Police would have removed his teeth. Problem is nowadays the real police are up against the villians, CPS , IOW magistrates and their own butterfly bosses.


Why we don’t deal with individuals like this more harshly is beyond me. As a country we have become so PC and liberal in our approach to criminality that they think they can get away with it. We’re out of Europe now and a review of our namby pamby laws is now needed. I’m all for being polite and respectful however where law breakers are concerned the police should be less respectful and polite and be more forceful in their actions to reduce crime. In one European country when a person is convicted everything they own is siezed and auctioned… Read more »


Put him down! Scum bag!

So sad

Britain today. Land of the rising scum. But let’s not judge him too harshly, he probably has a drug habit to contend with or a drink problem or anything else the liberal lefties use as excuses for why scum are actually, just scum.

Mr justice

This whole social system needs to be reset. We need to out all the corrupt government and officials, then with a new government set the laws the people want,like hang murders, serious violent offenders. Stop corrupt solicitors, getting scum off, when they know what the scum has done is wrong. And finally, put in place a system that stops scum breeding scum.. you have to meet certain criteria to even be aloud to have children, a job would be a good start. When all this is in place, then people will feel that justice can really happen

Bus user

School Street? This was one of the areas in Ryde where you wouldn’t feel safe to be in if you didn’t actually live there. At least that was how it was perceived when I was growing up.
Maybe it’s not so bad there now, but reading something like this, it doesn’t sound like it’s much better now.
Wasn’t this one of the areas built to house the so called “problem” families?

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