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platformonePlatform One degree students are off on tour to Holland thanks to the continued support of Wightlink Ferries. 

This will be the ninth year that Platform One has taken to the road, in order to experience what it is like to go on a professional tour. The tour to will include performances at two key festivals in Amsterdam, as well as other music venues around the city.

Peter Pontin, Director at Platform One said:

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“Without the on-going support of Wightlink Ferries we would not be able to deliver the opportunities that we do. Wightlink also support our Friday music industry seminars, as well as residential tours and mainland based gigs that we carry out throughout the year – they are really committed in supporting young Island based musicians”.

The BA (Hons) Commercial Music degree course, which is run in partnership with University of Chichester, is going from strength to strength, with many students relocating to the Island in order to study full time. The European tour forms part of a diverse curriculum design that is focused around employment in the modern music industry.

Student, Lisa Eaton who relocated to the Island in order to study at Platform One two years ago, commented;

“I am really looking forward to the experience of performing abroad to a new audience and new faces – it is such fantastic opportunity”.

Anthony Ferns, also a student, went on to say;

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“It is amazing that our commercial music course culminates in a professional tour.  I have never been to Holland before – to go there to perform as a musician is an amazing opportunity”.

The course, which was written by Platform One, is designed to interface with the actual music industry and as such gives students actual insight and experience of working within the industry.  The tour really is a consolidation of all of the skills the students have learnt over the duration of the course.

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