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Police were called to a single-vehicle collision on the outskirts of Cowes overnight, in which a performance car was severely damaged.

Officers were deployed to Rolls Hill on the fringes of Gurnard and Northwood at 22:48 after it was reported that a vehicle had crashed into a hedge at the side of the carriageway.

The grey Ford Focus ST sustained heavy front-end damage in the smash – an impact which resulted in the vehicle’s airbags being deployed.

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Thankfully, the occupants of the vehicle were uninjured. No arrests were made.

The vehicle has since been recovered from the scene.

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Martin Ryde

One car collision = Driver to blame..

Marie May

We heard this in Northwood.. could hear the driver driving recklessly before the screech and the huge bang.

Suzie Smith

Highly doubt you heard this in Northwood as the vehicle was travelling the other way. Comments like this with no proof damage people.


Susie! How do you know if she heard it or not! Comments like yours piss me off! So shhhhhh!


It was a still night and sound travels


Thanks for that amazing piece of detective work. You ever thought of becoming a copper?

Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w


Should’ve gone to specsavers


Glad there was no one else in the way

Sheena warder

No such thing as bad roads just terrible isle of Wight drivers!!!! AGAIN!!!!!


That’s are bad drivers everywhere not just on the island !!

Barry Chantler

Surprises me that nobody blamed the road which seems to be the first reaction for some folks.
99.9% it’s the driver or drivers fault!

linda Belcher

not much of a performance car now.


Another idiot adding to the insurance premiums going up !!!


Glad no one was injured

Clare Steen

It would be nice to think the driver has learnt something from this, if not, theres a risk next time innocent drivers could be involved.

Fred Nurke

I am sure that some people would like the driver to be a bit hurt, perhaps with a visible scar to humiliate them.

Certainly, it’s been a wake-up call for them.

Let’s see how the vote goes.

Linda Brinsdon

This happened just above my house coming from Thorness hit the wall spun off and stopped on the bank never went through it people need to slow down going much to fast

Richard Collins

There have been a few Ford Focus ST’s driving throw Ryde like they’re on a race track. I wonder if this is one of them.

Some Guy

Pity that all the muppets that used to drive Subarus have now gone and brought Focuses. Gives a good car a bad rep. Why can people not just go to a track day then you can safely drive it like you stole it?

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