Gone... the Staplers Road one-way system (pictured) has now been removed


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A one-way system on Staplers Road in Newport is set to be reversed next week, reducing the travel disruption to thousands of Islanders.

Since 7th January, motorists have been unable to travel into Newport from the east as a result of a Southern Water main replacement scheme. Instead, all vehicles have had to divert left or right using Furlongs or Mayfield Road.

However, it has been confirmed today that the one-way system will be reversed on Sunday night (24th March). This means that traffic will once again be able to roll into Newport with ease from Ryde and Sandown direction from the early hours of Monday morning (25th March). The road will be closed in both directions for a period of time from 21:00 on Sunday to allow the traffic management adjustment.

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The change in direction means that all traffic heading out of Newport will have to divert via Fairlee Road or Blackwater from next Monday. Mayfield Road will be closed for around 2 weeks which cuts off that exit rat run, but Furlongs through Pan Estate will remain open for local traffic.

Staplers Road is expected to fully re-open in both directions on 12th April.

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Geoff newman
Geoff newman

As a regular motorist into Newport most mornings I think that’s a great move ,will stop lot frustration .

Steve Winfield-Hunt
Steve Winfield-Hunt

So reversing the one way system will reduce travel disruption.
What about the vehicles that travel out that way, will they mysteriously disappear.

A guest
A guest

I had to laugh at the naive statement that traffic will be able to roll with ease into Newport. I drive this route every day and the traffic into Newport is normally backed up to Isle of Wight Lavender. Roll with ease….. Don’t make me laugh


Love it how everyone is moaning about this, half the Island is for it, the other half is against it.

They are doing a great job, getting it done as quickly and as safely as possible. I have read some radical comments on here of late, some suggesting making the system one way in during the morning, and one way out in the afternoon.

How would that even be remotely possible? There is a lot of signage that would have to be stood up / dropped and moved about within the system to allow this to happen, every junction has signs on it, no left or right turn and the one way arrows, they would have to shut it every time, and imagine the costs that would entail!

Looks like there would be a lot of work, also people are confused by it now, with people driving the wrong way down the system, even seen comments about police driving the wrong way… You wouldn’t know if you were coming or going. it’s been working for the past few months, everyone had forgotten about the whole system until today, the Isle of Wight does love a good old moan! See the bigger picture, works got to be done, and this is the most logical reason.

I am sure there is a valid reason as to why the one-way system was closed coming in for a reason from the off, they don’t just wake up in the morning and go I know, I am going to mess up Newport!

They have taken steps in making the situation the best it can be. Least coppins bridge isn’t clogged up at the moment, be interesting to see how it fares next week.

Take my hats off to the guys at Arreton who set up the traffic lights every morning before the morning rush, they work really well!

I come through there twice in the mornings, and love being able to have a chance of coming off the downs with ease instead of long queues!

Wish those lights could stay there, or a main set put in… Or even a roundabout!

Either way, keep up the good work!

Tim C
Tim C

I understand that they have to do road works and work in the industry.
However… its seems like a big oversite to funnel traffic into the area with little means of exit. This surely will result in the blocking up of newport and traffic choas.
Immagine medina way at home time backing up to the prison as people going down the duel carrigeway will have one less route to take.
Time will tell!

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