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isleofwightislandgameslogoA Crowdfunding appeal has been launched by the Isle of Wight Island Games Team heading to the NatWest Island Games in Gotland (Sweden) next summer.

A team of 150 sports people from across the Island will compete in 13 different sports at the games against 23 other islands including. Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man who all have significant central or corporate sponsorship.

The Isle of Wight, who are the only English island taking part at the games, receive no central funding or big corporate sponsorship. The team are hoping that the people and business of the Island will get behind them with many small donations to generate enough financial support to provide each team member with their team tracksuit and other kit and, if enough donations are received, reducing the cost of travel to the games.

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In the absence of any support each team member will need to fund their own way which may lead to some talented sports people missing out on this amazing chance to compete at the highest level and to represent their home island.

Chairman of the IW Island Games Association, Martin Goodall said:

“This is an amazing opportunity for the sports people of the Isle of Wight to take part in an international event alongside nearly 3,000 other competitors from similar islands.

“This is the only opportunity we have to show ourselves on the international sporting stage as the Isle of Wight rather than as part of a larger nation and that means that many more sports people will have the chance to feel what it is like to take part in an event which has been dubbed the “small island olympics” and have their games moment.

“I hope the strong community spirit which exists on the Island will come together to support the whole team which is drawn from across the Island and which has people from ages 14 to 60.

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“This really is a team which represents the whole island and I would ask the whole island to get behind us as we prepare for the games.”

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