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A new ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ social media campaign, to make clear to visitors that the Island is open for business, has been launched.

With hundreds of tourism and hospitality businesses on the Island set to open their doors from tomorrow (Saturday), this initiative is designed to complement Visit England’s ‘We’re Good To Go’ standards, which allow those who will be trading to demonstrate that they are adhering to public health guidance, have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and check they have the required processes in place.

This local campaign is for those businesses that have met the industry standard – and been awarded the We’re Good To Go’ consumer mark –  but also wish to promote a locally-led initiative to welcome new and returning visitors the Isle of Wight.

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The ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ brand has been developed by a number of business owners on the Island who have worked together over recent weeks – in dialogue with a range of local stakeholders – to prepare for the remarketing of the Island as a go-to destination.

Barnes Edwards, Director of The Garlic Farm, helped develop the logo with local agency Peekaboo. He says:

“The message is simple: the Isle of Wight is ready to welcome visitors. Our tourism and hospitality businesses are open for business. Our Island has so much to offer, and its vital that we promote this message far and wide, as a friendly and welcoming place for people to visit.

“Working with Visit Isle of Wight and others on the Island, we have developed this campaign to support our local economy and community. We hope this positive message of welcome will be shared widely, alongside the reassurance of our collective adherence to national standards. The Island is ready, we’re good to go.”

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Steven Holbrook, Chief Executive Officer of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce, adds:

“The Isle of Wight Chamber is delighted to support this fabulous initiative to highlight that the Island’s tourist market is very much open for business and leading the way in creating a safe and welcoming environment for people to enjoy all the splendours the Island has to offer through both its scenery and mix of local businesses. The food and drinks and entertainment offering on the Island stands proud and this local campaign shows the entrepreneurial spirit running through Island enterprise.”

Councillor Dave Stewart, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, says:

“This weekend marks an important milestone in getting our Island back on its feet. We have so much to offer, and because of restrictions with holidaying abroad, people can look to the Isle of Wight for a safe and relaxing break after all the turbulence and stress of the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown. This social media campaign will help show that the Isle of Wight is ready to welcome visitors – and I urge all businesses to get behind it.”

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Christopher Davis

I am lost for words money before health. Of course I am concerned about people and their ability to earn a living to support themselves and their families but we are not being told the true about infection rates on the Island,we where told at the outset that the Island was at high risk of being overwhelmed by the pandemic and here we are saying let’s fill the Island up with holidaymakers as normal. These are not normal times, Covid 19 is very much alive and very much still with us,give it an opportunity by failing to control numbers and… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Agree 100% Christopher, it’s utter madness to open the island up as if the virus has disappeared, it hasn’t and the powers in charge are placing all islanders, potentially at risk of catching this terrible disease.

Inbred iowter

We will all know who to blame when the island goes back into lockdown won’t we

John Smith

I hope they have a logo and marketing campaign ready for STAY AWAY, as I don’t think it will be too long before this all goes wrong. I support and agree that we need to get island businesses and tourism back up, however not at the expense of the island population. The issue is the tourism season starts in about 2 weeks time and will only have a very short window of 6 weeks. Therefore we are all having to go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye, and with a lot of unknowns. The seasonal businesses… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Understandably island businesses need money. Let’s hope the visitors only bring money with them……. Stay safe everyone. I feel another lockdown on the way!!!!


18th July 2020 is what my crystal ball predicts, Isle of Wight goes into local lock down.


End of July/beginning Aug

Calum Glenister

“We’re ready to welcome your money”, would be more honest a slogan.
We fear more people spreading the virus from the mainland UK and further afield, but we need their cash.


We are an Island, lets have a border control.
You may only visit if and when you have been tested and passed.

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