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Betting can be tough at the best of times, especially when it comes to horse racing. The unpredictable nature of the sport often leaves beginners or casuals at constant loses but with the first day of Cheltenham tips, you can increase your chances of winning by taking the advice of the betting experts. When it comes to wagering on the horses knowing what you are about and how to get the best selection from the vast betting market is pivotal. Learning some tricks of the trade will allow you to not only enhance your selection but to get more bang for your buck when winning selection races across the finish lines. This article aims to provide you with little tricks to give you the edge whilst betting on the races – whether on the TV or (hopefully soon) back in the concourse at your favourite racetracks.

Type of selection

Knowing what the odds are is important when it comes to horse betting, after all the favourite is only likely to win statistically 1 in 3 times. But what is perhaps more profound when it comes to wagering within the horse racing market is knowing the type of selection that you are planning on making. People often put very little thought into this section and see their 7-fold accumulators losing every single time. Instead, the vast betting market offers some really good options to explore a different avenue of selection types of your betting slip. This can range from Singles to Lucky 15, special promos to Each-Way bets. Knowing the market inside out and taking time to learn the different selections you can make is imperative to becoming a strong punter. Importantly, the unpredictability of horse racing means it’s almost impossible to land large accumulators, instead putting on single, double or triple bets are much more realistic. On top of this, adding in the safety net of the Each-Way option when betting on horses is often a good shout. It allows a pay out even if your horse comes in top 3. Whilst slashing your odds it secures a win nonetheless and allows your bet to continue towards some sweet profit from the bookies. Knowing your selection is important, remember that.

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Doing your research on horse racing is easily the most important factor when it comes to betting on the sport. Generally as a golden rule for most gambling tips it would be sensible to always advocate for research. You don’t want to be blindly whacking money on stuff you know nothing about. Indeed, doing a bit of research on your given race will give you such an advantage at selecting a winner and going on to take away some profit from the bookies. There are many different ways that you can conduct this research, but without it you are doomed to fail. Indeed, nowadays there are many tipsters online offering free tips and betting knowledge which could be useful. However, if you fancy giving it a go yourself and putting your own time into it, you are bound to return better results. Research can take two main forms when it comes to horse racing. The first is an old school traditional method of using the Parade Ring to view the horses. Studying their coat sheen, muscular definition, body language and how they are reacting to the current weather conditions are all telltale signs of how that horse is going to race on the given day. Having a keen eye during the parade ring of races can really benefit bettors. Indeed, some veteran gamblers in the sport swear by this tactic. An alternative to this is the use of statistics. The best way to accumulate and manage all the stats effectively is by acquiring a Racecard for the racetrack on the given raceday. These racecards provide horse, jockey and owner form alongside the stats regarding previous performances and even things like how they tend to perform in certain conditions. Using these racecards to accurately predict the next winner is a great way of assuring yourself some profit from the bookies.

At the end of the day, luck will take you a bit of the way, but when it comes to bookie bashing you really want to adopt a tactful method of winning your selections. This means when it comes to betting on the races, learning the knowledge of the selections and doing your research are the best tricks of the trade to give you the edge and come away from the racetrack, or the telly, with a lovely profit.

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