redhatshospiceThe Vectis Belles Sandown of The Red Hat Society have raised £610 for Earl Mountbatten Hospice through a raffle and the sale of the popular Hospice sunflowers.

The fundraising took place during a recent weekend at which the Isle of Wight group entertained approximately 130 ladies from across the UK wearing purple clothes and red hats for a Red Hat Gala Weekend. As well as fundraising to support their weekend, the Red Hat ladies also raised vital funds for patient care at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice (EMH).

Members of the Hospice recently team joined 22 ladies for their monthly ‘Hatter Natter’ at Yates’s Newport where they also received the kind donation and thanked everyone for their time and effort. Queen Margaret (Hedges) and Joint Queen Beryl Birch were on a committee of six ladies that organised the successful Red Hat Gala Weekend.

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Joint Queen Beryl Birch said:

“We needed to raise funds to cover the entertainment for the gala weekend and I asked the committee if we could also raise funds for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice at the same time. Through raffles, selling items made by the Vectis Belles Sandown and the beautiful big sunflowers from the Hospice we managed to raise £610.”

Rosemary Bohn (Senior Physiotherapist), Linda Prendergast (Care Manager) and Erika Campbell-Burt (Director of Strategy and Development) were all on hand to speak to all of the members of the Vectis Belles and say thank you for their support of patient care and for all their fundraising efforts.

Photographed Left to Right: Queen Margaret, Rosemary Bohn, Erika Campbell Burt, Linda Prendergast and Joint Queen Beryl

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