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hospicewoottonThe supply of kindling wood by a local man has raised much needed funds for a charity shop in Wootton. 

Tim Blake has been providing the Earl Mountbatten Hospice’s Wootton shop with kindling wood since its opening in 2010.  During this time, the much in demand wood, has raised over £838 and continues to be pre-booked during the winter months by regular shoppers.

Tim spends all summer in his shed cutting his kindle wood to the correct size to make sure the shop is equipped with sufficient stock to meet demand.

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Karen Bloomfield, Wootton Shop Manager, said:

“This is a fantastic example of how individual Islanders support our local Hospice and goes to show, whether people decide to do something big or small, it all adds up and can raise an amazing amount of money.

“The shop never goes without; as Tim makes sure plenty of kindle wood is steadily supplied to the shop for the customers.  He has managed to make this a family event, involving members of his family to help bundle up the kindle wood, which has taken over many of their evenings in the past.  When ever we run out Tim is always ready and willing to deliver more to us, nothing ever being too much trouble for him.”

This amazing support is a fantastic example of how people’s continued efforts help us to provide patient care for those who really do need it.

Photo: Staff at Wootton’s Earl Mountbatten Hospice shop earlier this year

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