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Astrologer Martha Clarke is providing a talk on astrocartography at Medina Bookshop in Cowes at 18:00 on Thursday 28th July.

There’s a place for us, or so they say. Have you ever wondered where that place might be?  Does destiny have a special place where you will feel at home, somewhere you will succeed and fulfil your potential? Astrologer Martha Clarke believes there is, and that she can help you find it.

Dublin-born Martha has travelled all over the world, helping people be in the right place at the right time. She practices a lesser-known branch of astrology called astrocartography. By mapping the planetary lines in your natal birth chart, she can help determine the most supportive places worldwide for you to live, love, and work.

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Through a fairly complex process of charting the movement of the planets since your birth, Martha not only advises clients on where they should be but also when, and it seems her long list of clients take her advice very seriously.

Martha says:

“I have had a client relocate to Milan from Australia after only 2 sessions with me. I have also had a client relocate from West Cork to fulfil a longtime dream of sailing in the Mediterranean, and another relocate from Canada to Australia.”

Martha took her own advice and relocated to Boston from Italy some time ago, but at present she is temporarily located in Cowes,where she is studying celestial navigation.

Those interested in attending can obtain tickets at £5 from Medina Bookshop in Cowes 01983 300044 or by booking online at

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