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The Isle of Wight’s most popular baby names are Charlie and Amelia, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In 2017, a total of 15 baby boys were given the name Charlie whilst 12 baby girls were named Amelia. It ranks them top locally, beating names such as Oliver and Charlotte.

There were at least 3 babies each called Arabella, Scarlett, Martha, Rory, Jayden and Elijah. The ONS does not reveal names if less than 3 babies born were registered with that name.

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Top boys names on the Isle of Wight

Charlie – 15
Oliver – 13
Archie – 12
Edward – 11
Logan – 11

Top girls names on the Isle of Wight

Amelia – 12
Ava – 11
Daisy – 11
Olivia – 10
Charlotte – 9

Nationally, Oliver was the top boy’s name for the 4th year running and Olivia came in top for the girls.

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