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Getting home from work by 18:00, drawing the curtains, a Chinese takeaway, watching a favourite TV drama and being in bed by midnight all make for the perfect night in, according to those living on the Isle of Wight. 

Researchers for Anglian Home Improvements recently carried out a study across the Island to reveal the ingredients for the ultimate evening – and discovered home really is where the heart is for Isle of Wight homeowners with 80% saying they would rather stay in than go out and be sociable.

A further 8 in 10 of the adults polled said they are looking forward to the colder nights so they have an excuse to stay in – with a tidy house (62%), dishes washed up and cleared away (48%) and curtains drawn (68%) all tasks which must be completed before total relaxation can commence.

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7 in 10 loved-up Isle of Wight homeowners said they would like to spend the perfect night in with their other half, however 33% admitted they prefer having the house completely to themselves.

The survey also revealed that, in an ideal world, women from the Isle of Wight would love to spend an evening on the sofa with the actor Ryan Reynolds, whereas men said their ideal celeb to cosy-up to would be Countdown’s Rachel Riley.

According to the poll by Anglian Home Improvements, £32 would be spent on food, drinks and snacks for the ultimate evening in – with PJs or comfy clothes on by 20:00 at the very latest.

The most popular drink of choice for the Isle of Wight would be an ice cold beer to accompany their takeaway; and another essential element for both sexes included having dim lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere (55%).

The survey also found on a perfect evening, the typical adult will spend 29 minutes scrolling through Facebook, a further 14 minutes is spent scrolling through Instagram and there will be 13 minute chat with mum on the phone.

A spokesperson for Anglian Home Improvements, which commissioned the study, said:

“With the dark days of winter now well and truly here, and the weather getting colder, you just can’t beat a night in. This research shows that treating yourself to your favourite food and drink, and chilling out in front of the TV, is a great way to unwind after a long week at work.

“It’s important for the Isle of Wight homeowners to seek comfort in cosy nights in, and so many of us enjoy creating the perfect environment for spending quality time at home.”


  1. Getting home from work by 18:00
  2. Curtains drawn
  3. A tidy house
  4. Dishes washed up and put away
  5. PJs of comfy clothes put on by 8pm
  6. Chinese Takeaway
  7. Ice cold beer (men) Hot Chocolate (women)
  8. Watching TV dramas
  9. Your other half with you
  10. £34 spent on food and drinks
  11. Dim lighting
  12. 29 mins on Facebook
  13. 14 mins scrolling through Instagram
  14. 13 minute chat with mum
  15. Blanket to snuggle up in
  16. Doors and windows locked

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